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  1. Phoenix

    January 2017 transfer window

    Depay would be the first out of the door. Klopp wouldnt take his rubbish. Look at Sakho.
  2. Firmino is quality. Great vision and technique. This guy was being overlooked for Balotelli at one stage,
  3. Phoenix

    Joel Matip

    Let hope he doesnt change his mind about a not going to the African Nations Cup.
  4. He is already working on an exit strategy. Poor Mourinho stuck in the Lowry hotel on his own and not being able to go anywhere.
  5. Nothing new. He has always been a spoiler.
  6. Waiting for the sucker punch after 60 plus mins
  7. Phoenix

    Transfers summer 2016

    I think Hart needs us more than we need him.
  8. Phoenix

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    He might surprise quite a few people. The likes of Mascherano werent getting a lookin at West Ham. Might be a similar story.
  9. Phoenix

    Klopp Kopped.

    I guess the Lovren story quoted in the mirror is the reason why he wasnt answering questions from that rag.
  10. Phoenix

    Euro 2016 France

  11. Phoenix

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    Still not signing a striker?
  12. Phoenix


    Not with those pills he wont.
  13. Phoenix


    With all the supplements and blood doping there is no moral high ground for any top level footballer.
  14. Phoenix

    Other football 2016/17.

    Ramos the cunt. 1-0
  15. Phoenix


    It will quietly be forgotten about. Probably release confirmation during start of Euros/Euro final so no-one notices.
  16. Phoenix


    I'm not sure how if this is correct from L'Equipe L’Equipe reports that Sakho’s lawyer successfully argued that the fat-burning product was not on Uefa’s list of banned substances.
  17. Phoenix

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    It's only a smokescreen when we don't like the player.
  18. Phoenix

    Other football

    Shitcoat has probably asked him to pull out.
  19. Phoenix

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    Wouldn't go for him either to be honest. I dont think he will have that kind of season again.
  20. Phoenix

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    We dont do things logically
  21. Forster is already at Southampton.
  22. Phoenix

    Other football

    Police have confirmed it was a training device. Mongs.
  23. Phoenix

    Other football

    League winners this year included Wes Morgan and Robert Huth.
  24. Phoenix

    Other football

    How the hell did we not win the league with him playing for us. It's ridiculous
  25. Phoenix

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    Oh wow. Replacing Balotelli then.