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  1. Timão

    Other football - 2020/21

    Yes, but I know a lot of Brazilians, my wife included, Portuguese from Portugal might as well be a foreign language. They can't understand a word of it!!
  2. Timão

    Other football - 2020/21

    Yes, had three players sent off as well, Neymar included. Got to love him...somebody totally incapable of learning from previous experience. Marseilles had two sent off, but fully worth the win. I was there when we played them in 2003, great stadium, great fans. Would love to see them do well again.
  3. Timão


    I used to live in Arkles Lane for a while...would have been tough to stay at home.
  4. I am old enough to have waited 30 years to see Liverpool win the title again. I was a ST holder until 2007, when I moved to Brasil and I still miss going to Anfield more than anything else about England. BUT, I am strangely relaxed about the whole thing, at least for the moment. One of my wife's best friend's father is in intensive care with Covid 19. Two of my best friend's partners in England are working as nurses in intensive care I have just had my salary cut My wife, who is a freelance producer, has lost her two biggest jobs of the year, the Olympics and the Copa America. With that, we have no idea how to pay our kids school next year. Funnily enough, there ARE more important things in life. We KNOW we are the best team in England. Yes, I want the trophy, I want the entry in the record books, I want number 19. BUT, if other fans want to have a laugh at our expense because our utter superiority was not rewarded with a shiny trophy at the end, if that is what gets them off, let them. Doesn't change the fact that we are the best team and doesn't change the fact that they all know that as well. Fuck them. Keep safe, keep your kids safe, watch the highlights of the season and marvel at the brilliant team we have the joy of watching.
  5. I honestly can't see there being a full season next season either, so we better take what we are given. If we are declared champions, and I think we will, it's because we deserve it. If everybody finishes on 29 or 30 games, or they do points average, we win it fair and square. Not how I wanted it, but there you go.
  6. Timão

    David moyes

    I actually don't mind West Ham, used to love going to Upton Park, proper ground for a proper football club with proper fans and loved the bit of tension in the air in the surrounding area. Now they´re in an Athletic stadium, with cunts as owners and Moyes as manager. Can't really get much worse.
  7. Timão

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    English is not his strong point, then?
  8. Timão

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Firmino didn't actually didn't strike me as particularly religious, Alison lets it hang out at every opportunity when he is back in Brazil. Best to ignore it.
  9. Timão

    Man City - the new bitters?

    To be fair, the really religious evangelicals fanatics I know in Brasil are usually the worst behaved and those with most affairs etc., starting from the Fascist President downwards.
  10. Timão

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That article is pure comedy gold, reading highly recommended. They have really taken this well, with a bit of luck it might just push them over the edge.
  11. Timão

    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    Coventry in 1997 at home which essentially cost us the league that year will stay with me until we win the bloody thing. The lad who had the ST next to me cried. Cup final 1996, though more anger than anything else. Utterly gutless. Getting to Euston after the game to be greeted by loads of Mancs who obviously did not hang around to see the trophy presentation was odd. Europa League final 2016. You can lose finals but you should never have regrets. I still have regrets about that one. That second half was something else. Likewise CL Final 2018. Just a bad, bad day. PSG in 1997 was dreadful...,,my first European away and one of the worst, though the day in Paris itself was fun.
  12. Timão

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    If we travel over there with a full team and take it seriously, we'll win it. Flamengo will certainly take it seriously, it's a big, big thing in Brasil. They are, by domestic Brasilian standards, a really good side with a lot of experience. If we don't take it seriously, which would be perfectly understandable, they'll win it.
  13. Timão

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    This. I absolutely despise them, always have. When I lived in Liverpool they were already a bitter bunch of horrible bastards. Their pain at our success gives me no end of pleasure.