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  1. myrlas

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    Pearce: #LFC adamant that they have not made an approach to Carlo Ancelotti. FSG still backing Brendan Rodgers.
  2. myrlas

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    Yo do know who we played during that run I hope? In fact we did exactly as expected during that run between the double ManUtd failures. It's a really poor argument to say that not losing games that we actually should win if expecting to challenge for top four (not even to mention the title) is some kind of evidence that playing Can at the back was a brilliant idea. Even without starting to play a back 3 we would probably go on an unbeaten run in that period given the easy opposition. One of the major things to conciderate in every argument in football is who you play. Numbers are flawed unless they tell you something about the strength of the opposition.
  3. myrlas

    New Assistant Manager

    And here we have the first Rodgers quotes in ages, on the two new coaches: Liverpool Football Club today confirmed the appointments of Sean O'Driscoll and Pepijn Lijnders to the first-team coaching staff. O'Driscoll joins the club as assistant manager to Brendan Rodgers, while Lijnders takes on the newly-created role of first team development coach after 12 successful months at the Academy. Rodgers said: "I have made these appointments because I want to take us in a new technical direction, in terms of coaching. "I believe the entire first-team set-up will benefit and I am extremely positive and excited about what we can achieve, as a group, going forward." O'Driscoll arrives at Anfield with a wealth of coaching experience, most recently as England U19s manager. He's also been at the helms of Bournemouth, Doncaster Rovers, Nottingham Forest and Bristol City. "My admiration for Sean, as a professional, is well documented," said Rodgers. "He is someone with a clear vision and philosophy and has proved he has the ability to transfer that knowledge, through his coaching, to the players. "I am looking forward to working with him and also learning from his experiences and gaining valuable knowledge from his expertise." O'Driscoll added: "I am excited to be joining one of the world's most iconic football clubs. The hallmark of any successful club is its culture and that comes from the people who work there, from the chief executive and first-team manager to those people behind the scenes whose faces may not be known but who are the lifeblood of the club. "From the moment I drove into Melwood last week and was greeted by Kenny the gateman, I could not have been made to feel more welcome. If you are going to have any level of success these people are as crucial as the players; from my experiences so far it is clear everyone wants to help this club succeed." Lijnders, who held roles at PSV Eindhoven and FC Porto prior to joining Liverpool in 2014, oversaw the development of the club's U16 group last season. He will continue to work with the elite talent at the Academy as part of his new brief, which has been created in line with the new technical approach to coaching undertaken by the club. And the senior squad are now also set to benefit from his regular presence at Melwood. Rodgers said: "This presents a fantastic opportunity for Pep and one I know he will grasp with both hands. "He has excelled at the Academy and I believe this is the perfect time for him to make the step up to the first-team set-up and use his talents for the benefit of the senior squad. "Pep displays a passion and enthusiasm for his profession that is truly infectious and I believe will have a positive impact." Lijnders added: "I feel proud and honoured to work closely with Brendan and his staff. I couldn't think of a better attacking manager to assist. "Everybody knows how I feel about representing this amazing club. The owners have a clear and strong philosophy which is based on developing top young players into elite - I want to thank them for giving me this opportunity. "I had a great first year at the Liverpool FC Academy; Alex [inglethorpe] and his coaching staff are creating something unique there. Again, I am proud to be part of the team and we will give everything."
  4. That's likely yes. Bu I guess even Rodgers would have preferred any kind of statement of confidence regarding the turmoils behind the scenes in the latest days. Come and get me-quotes from Klopp's agent surely doesn't help anyone. We as fans would have been better off with any kind of short statement instead of these rapid and boring leaks through the media. Agree?
  5. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/klopp-open-exciting-premier-league-9419305 I love quotes! Here we have them. Even if they come from an agent (and I hate agents). What we don't have are any quotes at all from the club regarding what's going on. quotes > no quotes.
  6. myrlas

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    It's City who are offering that insane amount. Not us. Still, he will most likely earn 100k+ a week, and that is insanity as well. Because the definition is to try to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Remind me of all the successful players we have signed for "free" during the years. Henderson-Allen-Milner. Could easily have been the midfield in a relegations fight at the end of the season for Hull or Aston Villa. But no, that will be us challenging for top four. If we sign Milner this window is officialy not a good window in my eyes. l
  7. myrlas

    January Transfer Window 2015

    Martin Ødegaard will join Real Madrid immediately after the clubs can pen out a deal. According to the local newspaper from his home town, the Ødegaard camp (him and his father) considered offers from Bayern, Arsenal and Liverpool seriously up until they finally decided to sign for Real. He will train with their first team, but play under Zidane for Real Madrid Castilla until teh summer at least. Opposed to many other footballers, Ødegaard IS a husge Liverpool-fan, but that didn't influence his decision this time around (sadly for us)
  8. Second analysis from Carra regarding Rooney's goal where he fails to bring up the positional play of Gerrard in that situation.
  9. “I’ll play the Scholes role when I feel it’s time, but it’s not time yet. I can play that role no problem, I played it when I was 21, so I can do it when I’m 32, 33 or 34,” he explained.
  10. Haven't read all of this thread, but for those early on who says it's the manager to blame and that Gerrard is played out of position: Remember this? http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/liverpool-steven-gerrard-dismisses-talk-1264387
  11. myrlas

    Suarez bite v2

    He could've done his knee in the next match, you know... He'll stay now, and hopefully do what he did this season. With better players surrounding him.
  12. myrlas

    Solskjær new Cardiff manager

    He was the reserve coach at the mancs before he got the Molde job, won the reserve league did he not? He's been talked up as a future manager by Ferguson for years. He did not get offered that Villa job though, he said no to be one of the candidates after talks with the Molde owners and a pay rise.