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    FAO Cherno Samba & Freddy Adu

    Samba was brilliant on football manager 2005 i think it was, he was my top scorer for me with liverpool, how the mighty have fallen
  2. andrew78

    Stop losing ground or else

    It wont matter anyway these two have fucked us over we will be lucky to have a club left after these two have got there blood money from it,people say dont sell your best players we wont have a fucking choice ,torres already makeing noises today ,do you honestly think one of the best strikers in the world is going to hang around and watch this club fade in to mid table team i dont think so ,and people who think otherwise want to wake up because this club is fucked
  3. andrew78

    Torres rues lack of transfer funds.

    Here we go endless speculation about our top players futures,them two bastards want to be ashamed of what they are doing, come summer we will be lucky to have any decent players left
  4. andrew78

    Saudi Investor buy 25% liverpool stock

    Another load of shit ,if it happens il eat hay with the donkeys
  5. andrew78

    Portsmouth V Liverpool 19/12/09

    I wont attack him and call him names ,but i will say times up for him ,but god know,s who would want to manage us with them pricks in charge
  6. andrew78

    Tom and George - Not Welcome Here - Sunday

    I emailed a dallas newspaper sport reporter to tell him about what happened last sunday,anyway not expecting a reply but give the man his due he did ,he was saying he didnt think hicks was there and he is supportive of what we as fans are trying to do,i give him sos website to look at and ive emailed him again to see if he would do an article about how fans of liverpool fc are going to stop him watching his own team
  7. andrew78

    Purslow is a lying cunt

    Id love to no how this sorry mess is going to end,something has got to give i think it will happen if we miss out on 4th place ,a big name player will be sold ie torres ,they are all lieing cunts you couldnt write a script to what is going on in liverpool fc
  8. andrew78

    Cheap fix

    Due to our current plight surely theres sum cheap or free older players ,that we could get for a quick fix ,seems the youth policy is not produceing so why dont we go for older heads to give us some options,il go for adriano or van nistelroy these arnt going to cost a fortune
  9. andrew78

    Benitez 'guarantees' top four finish

    iI just want a new ground and to be selfsuficent, and say 30 mill a season for players thats not a big ask for the size of club we are
  10. andrew78

    Benitez 'guarantees' top four finish

    I dont think i would be makeing predictions like that with the transfer window comeing up,Man city wont stand still and thens theres spurs or maybe villa with a few bob ,we dont have any and we need fresh faces, equals we are in a hole lot of shit
  11. andrew78

    Wigan @ Anfield, Wednesday night

    Wouldnt suprise me if torres is on the bench,anything other than a win questions have got to be asked about benitez,s future
  12. andrew78

    Liverpool, Texas [A New Documentary]

    Fucking bastards two faced cunts i feel like killing them after watching them spout there shit
  13. andrew78

    Thomo getting shirty then on Soccer Saturday

    I couldnt bite my lip if i was him,he was also saying souness was haveing a pop, mostly at the owners and not benitez think we need mor ex players to have the balls to say something instead of collecting there free tickets,even charlie nicholas had a go at them two cunts,why does the media have it in for us,for fuck sake we are a decent club and not arrogant like some others
  14. andrew78

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    Could be a plan to get rid of benitez ,sell our best player and he would resign meaning no compensation for him you never no with these two cunts
  15. andrew78

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    Two years from now both will be gone ,and we will be a mid table team
  16. i no its lame but im a first time poster so go easy on me,just wondering who is gunna be linked with us now they are turning up for sundays game its happened every other time they come they must do it so they get an easy day at the ground no doubt they ,l spin sum shit
  17. andrew78

    who is gunna be buying us this weekend

    Ha ha like it,i havent even got 10 pound ,im on the dole now
  18. andrew78

    who is gunna be buying us this weekend

    Thank,s for that ,il bet my last pound theres a story in the papers on saturday morning of new investment, leaked by there pr machine just in time for sunday
  19. andrew78

    who is gunna be buying us this weekend

    No im laid back ,ok so im not very good at english but theres no need to take the piss no one is perfect
  20. andrew78

    who is gunna be buying us this weekend

    Who are you my fucking teacher you dick ,another big man behind a computer screen
  21. andrew78

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    ha ha yeah i never got my gcse in english,i apologise but i was only makeing a point and there was no need to be cockey about it i expect that from cockneys and mancs but not from liverpool fans
  22. andrew78

    who is gunna be buying us this weekend

    yes i was sorry im not very good on a computer,i was just saying that when they come over useally theres a investor linked with us
  23. andrew78

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    i thought this was the best site its full of cockey cunts who wont accept any others point of view without been clever about it and takeing the piss sparta 7 suc my hair balls u prick
  24. andrew78

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    im not any of them but i bet it comes to it, the team will get craper and craper no champs leauge equals player sales ,they pay there debt then get some more for a new stadium mades well get it over and done with now instead of waiting for it to happen,people want to realise our better players arnt going to stop around and watch us fade away they are gunna go
  25. andrew78

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    i dont think it will belong before him and torres leave they arnt stupid they can see we are in reverse,if them to cunts stay every transfer window is gunna be who is getting sold next,for the long term id sell both so they can start that stadium thats the key to our future id take a few years pain for a lot of gain if its for the good of the club and it rids us of them 2 leeches because lets face it they are gunna sell players if we dont get 4th place and i say that with a heavy heart we are fucked either way untill that stadium is built