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  1. Pistonbroke

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    He's a dickhead.
  2. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Damn, great effort, had the distance but skewed it. Lucky French, they hardly deserved that victory. Argies again their own worst enemies on that final drive. Fisticuffs at the end. Looking forward to the next game between the All Blacks and the Springboks, should be a cracker.
  3. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Argies their own worst enemy here, French have been there for the taking, they've been woeful in this second half.
  4. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Come on Argies, hold onto this lead now. Grrrrrr....let the French straight in for a drop goal.
  5. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    French bloke should have seen a yellow card there, they were already on a final warning, yet the referee issues another final warning, strange. Argies should have scored a try with the overlap on, penalty keeps them well in this game though.
  6. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Depends if the French start to tire, plus as I said before, not the best mentally wise, so anything is possible if the Argies keep plugging away. French have a huge advantage in the scrum but the Argies have done well in that respect.
  7. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    I wouldn't quite write off the Argies mate, they always battle until the end.
  8. Pistonbroke

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    I was tempted, but fancy my bollocks being attached to the rest of my body mate. They do love their taxidermy mate, half of the locals looked like they had been stuffed themselves. Like you say, not much to do on a nightlife side of things, the women were gagging for a bit of British though. The area was full of interesting things to visit culture wise though.
  9. Pistonbroke

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    It was even worse back in 85 mate. Plenty of locals were enraged with a bunch of Squaddies mixing with the Natives. We had a great time on the various reservations we visited/stayed at. Made us feel welcome and that peace pipe had some strong shit in it. They had us wrestling with the young braves for some initiation test they were prepping for. Some of the women were really gorgeous, obviously kept our hands to ourselves though as far as the Native women went. Montana itself is a real beautiful area, I found the women were very friendly but the men were mainly boss eyed throwback types. The drinking establishments mostly had sawdust on the floor instead of wood/carpet, probably made cleaning the blood up easier as they were always fighting with each other. One thing stuck in my mind about the area, a flatbed truck would pull up regularly with various bible bashers doing their stuff on the back of them and the crowds were huge. Made getting served in the local eateries a lot easier for us. I'm guessing your wife is Hyper about returning for a visit, nice for your daughter to get in a bit of her heritage.
  10. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    23.50-00:50 on ITV 1.
  11. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    All Argentina atm. Depends which French side turn up, if the Argies extend this lead to a decent distance the French could easily fold. Not the strongest team mentally. The Argies lead didn't last long though, good try for the French.
  12. Pistonbroke

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    Whilst stationed in Canada for a whole year we spent our 3 weeks R&R in Montana. We were based in a Town called Kalispell and travelled to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone National Park, we stayed on some Indian Reservation near to Billings due to some contacts we made.
  13. Pistonbroke

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Aussies had to dig deep to come back and beat Fiji.
  14. Pistonbroke

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    We'll see mate, the Buzzards will be circling to pick at your carcass come Monday evening. It would be good if it all comes down to that Cleveland LA game, I fancy Gurley to get more points than Chubb mate.
  15. Pistonbroke

    Chelsea (A) Premier League - 22-9-19

    Just noticed we have Michael Oliver refereeing. Thank fuck we haven't got that wanker Kevin Friend refereeing, he nearly always favours Chelsea. On a side note, I see the Mancs have Anthony Taylor again for their away trip to West Ham, how the fuck that happens with regularity is beyond me.