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  1. Pistonbroke

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Well I had a shit load out injured or on a bye week so had to do something without getting rid of my better players. Jones in at QB was a no brainer for me as the Jets defence are shite, who cares if they beat the Giants, Jones was always in with a chance of scoring heavy. I only had one other Giants player filling in, WR Slayton. If you had followed his progress he was starting to come good the last few weeks, plus again, he was up against a shit defence and was always gonna see a lot of snaps from Jones. When you have so many out injured or on a bye week you just have to look up which free agents are playing where and the oppositions weaknesses. ATEOTD it all involves a bit of luck with fringe/lesser players. Apart from that you could still win if Coleman has another game like he had against Carolina. Your TE may be missing though, so you'll need it to be a very high scoring game as I have the 49'ers defence. I have Coleman in the other league I'm in, although it looks like I'm going 6-4 in that one as I'd need Coleman and Carson from Seattle to get about 69 points between them, not gonna happen.
  2. Pistonbroke

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    I bet it was a woman behind the camera he was trying to intimidate.
  3. Pistonbroke

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 1 (Nov 10 2019)

    We've had some great teams over the years and they've been filled with great players in one way or another. Back in the 70's the game was built on defence and we ground out results by having a few great forwards and wingers. The 80's shifted to a more attacking team and again we played to our strengths. Some would say we were lucky enough to attract the best players from the UK and spent more than most, but we built some great teams and the league was overall a bit stronger imo. However, this team has been breaking records under Klopp that I never thought I'd see again. Klopp is something special and he pushes these lot on despite other clubs in the UK and in Europe spending way more cash than ourselves. You also have to factor in that we attract players from all over the World these days. Hard to say if it's the best team I've witnessed, and being as I was a defender myself I love how we went about things in the 70's and early 80's. I'd put this team on the same level as my favourite ones though, and I'd say they are by far the best attacking team I've seen. I'm just going to enjoy it, because unfortunately nothing lasts forever.
  4. Pistonbroke

    Mohamed Salah

    Looks like a tribal painting from a cave wall....he pulls it off though.
  5. Pistonbroke

    City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

    Which obscure Channel employs that muppet these days? Failed in management and then again as a DOF for a league one side as they were relegated to league two.
  6. Pistonbroke

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    Hasn't he managed something like 19 teams since becoming a manager in the early 80's? He's 70 now, so hopefully the last we'll see of the miserable fuck.
  7. Pistonbroke

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 1 (Nov 10 2019)

    I thought TAA and Robertson were fantastic yesterday and this helped the midfield three to play the way they did. Those two lung busting runs from TAA were something else, I say lung busting, but he was hardly out of breath if I#m honest. It was such a pity that on the first one his pass was slightly behind Bobby who did well to get a shot off. The second one was later in the game and must have given those around him a mental boost, because we were looking pretty leggy at that point.
  8. Pistonbroke

    General Election 2019

    According to the media he is standing down Brexit MP's in seats won by Tories in 2017. It remains to be seen if that indeed will be the case, what with him saying Johnson isn't delivering Brexit. Farage is just being used as a vehicle to move Britain farther Right, nothing more.
  9. Pistonbroke

    General Election 2019

    It's just the latest way to get around False News during an election campaign. Deliver false news to get the headlines. Apologise on Twatter knowing damn well that a lot of people don#t use it. Job done. The headlines are out there and the gullible will swallow them. Even worse is the fact the Tories are promising to repair/improve all sorts of stuff. They've been in Gov't for the last 9 years and delivered fuck all, how gullible or stupid are these people who swallow this shit?
  10. Pistonbroke

    General Election 2019

    The cunt should be in Prison.
  11. Pistonbroke

    General Election 2019

    The BBC should have gone to Specsavers like BJ did. The BBC are just lick arses for whoever is in Government at the time. All they are bothered about is the TV Licence being carried on. It's like Governments actually blackmail them into doing their bidding.
  12. Pistonbroke

    Man City - the new bitters?

    They really are a bunch of feral cunts.
  13. Pistonbroke

    Other Football - 2019/20

    He's only a bit player for them at the moment. Had a poor season last season only scoring 4 or 5 goals. He's mainly been on the bench this season but has scored 3 times earlier in the campaign. His problem is that Klos and Voglsammer are on fire.
  14. Pistonbroke

    The breaks too long

    No doubt that the International games need trimming, but when you are successful and want the better players it comes with the territory, same for all big clubs. Obviously you just hope they stay away from injury. In one sense if they do that then it is like a mini break away from the real pressure, the opponents they face are on the whole weaker and some players will just play within themselves.