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  1. Cliff T. Beast

    Being Liverpool

    Dave Kirby is also massive fucking beaut. Can't stand that stupid dickhead
  2. Cliff T. Beast

    Everton fans

    From what I'm hearing there'll be a banner on the Park End and according to some on Red Cafe, they're trying to put something in motion for our game
  3. Cliff T. Beast

    2012 Albums/EPs

    Planets - Oceanis For any one into their tech metal. Has had some quality reviews as well: Pagan Hel Reviews..: Oceanis - Planets - 3 Track EP - April 2012 Oceanis - 'Planets' EP Review | Can be heard in full/downloaded here: Oceanis's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  4. Cliff T. Beast

    Hillsborough "The Search For Truth" 10.25pm

    The events of yesterday are more than i could have ever thought. I never in a million years expected an apology from Cameron and, i actually believe his apology was as heart felt as it sounded. Yes, he was left in no other position but to apologise, but the way he delivered it, well, i can only admire him for that. The fight has to continue now though and, despite what we heard yesterday, we HAVE to keep fighting, accountablility needs to be found and individuals need to be punished. Yesterday was an emotional rollercoster, as i was saying to my missus last night, I feel so happy yet at the same time sad and angry at what the families, survivors and us as fans have been put through these past 23 years. I felt strange last night, like a weight was lifted, like I was walking 10 feet tall. I can only express my admiration and thanks to the panel, The HFSG and HJC and us reds who've stuck by each other through this. It makes me proud to be a scouser and more importantly, proud to be a red. The clouds are clearing now but we still haev a long way to go before we see the Golden Sky at the end of the storm
  5. Cliff T. Beast

    Hillsborough "The Search For Truth" 10.25pm

    Coverage starts at 10 on LFCtv. Starts with the original debate in Commons and will be running all day
  6. Cliff T. Beast

    Rodgers interview

    I personally was very impressed by it and i think, if left alone to get on it, he'll do a brilliant job here
  7. Cliff T. Beast

    Spirit of Shankly: FSG - We Still Need Direction

    Especially with some of the dribbling idiots we have supporting us!
  8. Cliff T. Beast

    Brandi's tits on Storeage Wars

    Fantastic tits and a bit of a dirty girl as well
  9. Cliff T. Beast

    FIFA 13

    Can't bear online gaming. Too many dolites who sit and play all day so when the casual gamer logs in he/she gets bummed. Much prefer playing, especially footy games, against the computer or 2 player
  10. Cliff T. Beast

    Must buy games - 2012

    Darksiders 2 is out today. The first one was brilliant. Will be picking that up soon. Can't wait for GTA V.
  11. Cliff T. Beast

    Hearts (away) match thread

    Reina Johnson Coates Agger Enrique/Robinson Allen Lucas Shelvey Sterling Suarez Borini
  12. Cliff T. Beast

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Hunger Games - 2/10 friggin woeful. Ended up turning it off
  13. Cliff T. Beast

    Cats or Dogs?

    I own 2 cats but love dogs. Not shitty little dogs like shitzus or yorkshire terriers but proper dogs like Labradors
  14. Cliff T. Beast

    The MLB Thread

    They got stuffed again by the Orioles. Proper shit display
  15. Cliff T. Beast

    Wrestling thread

    It runs a couple of days behind, they have a Thursday night show which is on of a Sunday night.