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  1. Just now, easytoslip said:

    This does my head in , the cunts who speak out loud on the train talking business, can I run that through with you , I’ve emailed him/ her, I’ll see you at the meeting, that type of shite. As someone said as if they’re some type of oil magnate or something, usually in a blue suit and brown pointy shoes, sorry if I’ve offended anyone as this seems to be some kind of trend, phone constantly on the ear or tapping away. 

    You cant get any ear plugs that shuts them out , them and the crisp eaters.


    Pure cunts, mate.

  2. 49 minutes ago, Bob Spunkmouse said:

    The first time round I just never ever felt like it wouldn’t be ok. I was sure it would be fine.


    we had agreed to end our relationship for good a few weeks before she was diagnosed after trying to give it another go after a year apart, but it wasn’t going to work. But it meant we were back living together which meant I could be there for her and with her.


    i don’t know if that’s making it feel so different that I’m not with her to support her or whether it’s just reading the word “incurable” on the breast cancer website, but I feel utterly hollow now.


    every time I think about how our little girl will feel I burst into tears.


    like now. Fucking cunt disease.


    Really sorry to hear about it and wish you all the best.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, LF:D said:

    OMG just read that.


    "Clarify what you see" - LOL 


    Yes no bias at all! 


    I'm not sure what you mean by this.


    I'm a fan of Naby. He brings something different and works very hard in tight spots - always looking for the forward pass. But if you compare his performances with his time in Germany then there's something just not right. Maybe that's what JK wants, maybe it's Naby not settling. Who knows? But it's undeniable regardless of what stats say.


    You do know that the human brain is more capable than computers? It's one of the reasons humans are better at galaxy identification than computers. So maybe, just maybe, the human eye can spot that Naby isn't performing at his peak, regardless of what any amount of "Stats" tell.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Numero Veinticinco said:

    Stats should add to and clarify what you see, not override it. Naby is playing a lot worse than he did in Germany and isn’t fitting that well into the system. A bit like Shaq. It might have something to do with injuries, the league, not getting the tactical side, or a mixture. He’s quite obviously not at his best. 


    This. 100%