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  1. I thought Lucas broke things up nicely in the first half on Sunday. However, as always, I thought he was ponderous on the ball. Xabi (who he has effectively, if unfairly, replaced this season) would already know what was on when he received it and could therefore hit an early forward pass. However Lucas takes a touch to control it, looks up, takes another touch, the early pass has gone and so he hits it, often after a third touch, sideways.




    explains it very well

  2. positives:


    Works hard. Always gives 100% which you can't fault.

    Scores goals - always seem to be rebounds mind you.

    Defends well when needed.




    Can't control the ball.

    Can't beat players.

    No pace.

    Has a head like a bag of spanners.


    He's not the classic footballer we'd all want on the right wing but he's all we have and since we couldn't buy an onion at the minute, we should support the lad fully.

  3. But that's just it. It hasn't mainly been attack where the problem has been, it's mainly been the defence that's been the problem. I've started to notice he's putting a player on the back post lately?? Insua was against Fiorentina I think (correct me if I'm wrong)


    He did become attack minded at the start of the season, but he hasn't managed to get the balance right. And that's why my friends, we have been crap this season.

  4. Even Carra tryies to bring the ball out more often than Danny.


    No he doesn't - never.

    Carra hoofs first, looks for a pass 2nd. So basically he hoofs. Jamie "backpass" Carragher. That's always been his approach. But when there's no one in midfield willing to take it off him what else is he to do?


    Anyhow I wouldn't want to change him cos he's a fuckin legend and has served us brilliantly over the years.

  5. I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!

  6. Do people not rate Klinsman because the owners tried to get him in? Or because people generally don't think he will be any good?


    I don't want him, but I don't want Benitez either.


    It's incredibly fucking depressing


    both in my case. I dont like the back stabbing bastards trying what they tried on Rafa to get him in.


    And I can't see what Klinsmann has done to deserve the chance to manage our club. I'd rather see Louis fucking xfactor Walsh manage instead of him

  7. SG should be moved to centre mid, where he can lead by example.


    SG hasn't led by example at all this season. He's done nothing but mope around the whole time. It's obvious he's really hurting at the complete capitulation of the team this term and the cause of that lies with the manager. I don't honestly know what to think anymore about Rafa. Really have no idea what the hell is going through his skull.


    We actually looked like a TEAM in the first half, for the first time this year. That can only lead us to better performances.


    We didn't get any luck again in this game either. When things are going your way you get all the shouts, but yet again we had none. The peno, the OG etc etc.. Last season we wouldv'e been 2-3 up at half time.


    Ah fuck it, i'm going to get more drink.