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  1. During the season so far who does Rafa play instead of Lucas.


    Gerrard - Been injured

    Aquilani - Been injured

    Spearing - Not looked ready in the couple of appearances

    Plessis - Not good enough


    Nail. Head. We don't have anyone.


    Lucas has had to play. I think he's been decent this year to be honest. He's working alot harder than last year. He's never gona give us a 40 yard pass or beat 2 players on a run, but we get honesty from the lad. He doesn't often get caught in possession. He does foul too often in silly areas, but he'll learn not to do that given time.


    And no, I'm not a fan of Lucas!

  2. Skrtle got to the ball first and should have dealt with it, its an aspect of his game which grates me, he doesnt go and win the ball enough, instead he tries to let it run out of play, or he concentrates too much on the man, giving needless fouls away.


    Go and win the fucking ball Martin


    Exactly - I nearly had a fuckin aneurysm screaming at him to take tevez out. He's decision making was just disgraceful on Sat. And he looks like his granny would out muscle him at the minute.

  3. the linesman and ref couldn't see it so it's a perfectly good goal.


    It's hardly a perfectly good goal !! He handled the fuckin thing.


    They had 2 legs of 90 mins to beat them and didn't. If I was to be furious at anyone it would be that fat tallaght prick Keane for fuckin about when he should just take the easy option. Fat prick trying to round the keeper when he should have chipped it.


    Keane was correct. The cunt.

    Roy keane that is !

  4. History means successes and failures.


    Yes. And you are swamped by the latter. With a capital F.


    It's amazing the amount of fucktards that get on other clubs websites to try to get their point across, probably cos the fans on those websites realise what a knob they are dealing with forcing them elsewhere to talk bollox.

  5. The point being is there is another option open to the cunts who are running our club if RBS insist on the debt being reduced from 220M to 125M. Its obviously very clear that they don’t have the funds.


    Our operating profit is currently around 30m which is likely to increase even with the 5m or so we will lose from CL when all the new sponsorship deals are factored in.


    So the solution for the owners is a very simple one if they don’t get investment




    Torres 80m

    Gerrard 40m

    Johnson 15m

    Voronin 2m

    Babel 5m

    Mascher 25m

    Reira 5m


    Total sales 170m


    Buy Flamini and Heskey 10m


    160M net and then reduce debt to 100m and then you can get any bank to lend you the money which would cost no more than 5m a year to service. The real secret here is to sell your best players to get a reduction in wage bill with NI 28m -30m. the Manager would then be given 40m to invest in the team but told whatever players he brings in must cost a yearly maximum of 12m in wages.


    Your situation after all this has taken place is an operating profit of 50m from which you need to deduct 20m for no CL income and 5m so service the debt thus leaving 25m a year operation profit for the Americans to invest in the team as long as they keep the wages static. In reality this will allow us a team that will finish 6th to 12th every season until they find a buyer for the club.


    Not a great solution for the club but a way the owners could get the debt down and still take money from the club.


    The point of this option is to just illustrate why the owners aren’t going anywhere and if the did exercise this option we are far from the position Leeds Utd where in.


    There are obvious different variant models the owners could apply around this them but a very serious solution for them if they don’t get the investment into the club.


    ah - now I get you....


    Well it's obvious that's what's available to the owners if things really go tits up. But there would be outright war if they stripped the club of it's best players in order to pay off debts we shouldn't really have in the first place.


    I wouldn't go putting that out as a solution for the owners either as they might just look at that as an easy option. The cunts.

  6. I hope to god we play Dossena over Babel on the left. If I have to see that cunt ever again I will explode.


    If we are to get rid of those 2 we need to have them both playing really to get some value in the transfer market. The downside being they are both not good enough to do what we require against citeh. But yea, at least the Doss can cross a ball.

  7. Anyone see Henry Winter's defence of Ferguson in the Telegraph? He basically says that because he's won lots of trophies and played lots of England internationals in his teams, the FA should let him say what he wants. "All the talent he has helped mould for the cause of St George." Jesus Tapdancing Christ!


    Henry Winter: what Sir Alex Ferguson has done for English football deserves respect - Telegraph


    Fuck me. He must be so far up his arse he's looking at what he had for breakfast.

  8. It's not the point I was making though? My point was pay one person signifcantly inflated wages, then everyone will expect that little bit more (whatever the level/experience).


    Point taken.


    But I don't think there's a way to stop that without capping wages, bonuses etc. which won't happen.

    It's the same in all walks of life where business is concerned.