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  1. When was the last time he turned a game around and showed some leadership ?

    I just finished watching the game there again and his attitude stank yesterday.

    Watch it again and you'll see what I mean.


    He's a world class player when he wants to be but sadly it's been a few years since hes consistently shown it.

    I wouldn't want him dropped but I think he needs a kick up the hole just to remind him he's supposed to be leading by example.

  2. For fuck sake wake up everyone. It's the same as carra.

    Both legends but just not able to repeat the performances of old.


    He should not be guaranteed a place anymore as he's done nowt for at least 4 years.

    Younger and hungrier players are available and if we are to shake out the stale attitudes then Stevie needs to take a backseat now. If he's to play he should at least pretend he cares.

  3. For fuck sake wake up everyone. It's the same as carra.

    Both legends but just not able to repeat the performances of old.


    He should not be guaranteed a place anymore as he's done nowt for at least 4 years.

    Younger and hungrier players are available and if we are to shake out the stale attitudes then Stevie needs to take a backseat now. If he's to play he should at least pretend he cares.

  4. The FA's own guidelines call for a minimum of four match ban.


    "Rule E3(2)

    Rule E3(2) provides that in the event of any breach of Rule E3(1) including a reference to,

    amongst other things, a person's ethnic origin, colour or race, a Commission shall consider

    the imposition of an increased sanction. The wording of Rule E3(2) is clear. It is a question

    of fact whether a breach of Rule E3(1) includes a reference to the protected characteristics.


    Paragraph 8(d) of the FA Disciplinary Procedures provides for an automatic two-game

    suspension where a player is sent off for insulting language. It provides as follows:

    "A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for using offensive or insulting

    or abusive language/gestures, whether he has previously been cautioned in the

    match or not, will be suspended automatically from FTCM [First Team

    Competitive Matches] commencing forthwith, and until such time as his Club's

    First Team has completed its next two FTCM."

    The submissions for the FA on penalty



    Strangely enough these rules are contained in the ruling against Suarez where the rule was followed to the letter.


    This is not a stitch up though - oh not, not in any way a stitch up.



    Still winds me up like fuck to this day. How the club or Suarez lets this go is beyond belief. They should go to UEFA or the European Union and just bypass those idiots in the FA. disgrace.

  5. As an Edinburgh boy, born and bred, and Heart of Midlothian season ticket holder, I felt compelled to put into words my feelings regarding the upcoming Europa League play-off tie between Hearts and Liverpool later this month. You see, despite supporting Hearts since my granddad took me along as a nipper in the late 70s, and like many Scots of my age, I also share a great affinity with Liverpool FC.


    In 1977, a whole generation of Scots were suddenly confronted by the prospect of their talisman (Kenny Dalglish) replacing England’s equivalent (Kevin Keegan). More than a few disparaging murmurings from over the border imbued us all with an awareness of Liverpool and a keen desire for them to do well. This was only further enhanced with the subsequent arrival of messrs Hansen and Souness and long before Kenny’s glorious dink over Jensen hit the back of the Bruges’ net at Wembley, a generation had formed a lasting bond with the Redmen.


    I was fortunate enough to be able to take this affinity for Liverpool a stage further when I moved to the city in order to study to be a vet. Thanks to a kindly newsagent owner on Smithdown Road I got to travel the length and breadth of the country following Liverpool. For the five seasons book-ended by the treble and Istanbul I got to live the dream: in the paddock for Gary Mac’s penalty against Barcelona and on the Kop both for Ged’s comeback versus AS Roma and the Chelsea semi final on May the 3rd 2005, to name but three.


    Up until the night of the Chelsea semi final I’d always felt a cruel shiver when football and May the 3rd came together. Back in 1986 it was a magical time to be a Hearts and/or a Liverpool supporter. Both sides, having embarked on long unbeaten runs, had league and cup doubles well within their grasp. Momentum built, steadily, depositing us both on the brink of success. It came down to one match: May the 3rd 1986, the last game of the season. Hearts were faced with one task and one task alone: a point at Dens Park, Dundee and that would be the title. The same day Liverpool set off for Stamford Bridge to play another side in blue, the title also tantalizingly close. We all know that day that Kenny’s chest and seering volley sealed the title for the Redmen but, up in Scotland May the 3rd was to become the darkest of days for the maroons. Seven minutes from the title and a scraggy-haired journeyman called Albert Kidd scored the first of an improbable double and ‘Heart Break’ headlines were as ubiquitous as Kenny’s beaming smile. The following week when Liverpool were toying with their city neighbours, Hearts misery was complete, losing the cup final 3-0 to an Aberdeen side recently vacated by Fergie.


    Fast forward to May the 13th 2006 and, once again, fate decreed that Hearts and Liverpool would once more settle their domestic cup finals on the same day. And the coincidences keep on coming: both sides were going for their seventh FA cup, both sides secured victory via penalties (Liverpool, of course, seeing off West Ham, Hearts beating Gretna) and both sides were captained by a player with the first name Steven (Gerrard and Presley), who both, incidentally, scored successful penalities in their respective shoot-outs.


    And so we come back to the Europa League play-off. Many in Edinburgh will have a soft spot for the Reds and, irrespective which side prevails over the two legs (although I think I can guess), many at Tynecastle on August 23rd will have a team to follow resolutely through the group stages and hopefully beyond.


    Nice post mate.

    Be prepared to be ripped by some of the mongs on here though.

  6. Ok... I'm not getting this...


    People are having a problem that we haven't spent enough for him? He's on the last year of his contract, and we got a brilliant deal... and people are upset?


    What. The. Fucking. Fuck?


    Yea seems that way. I just don't get the modern "fan".

    Right bunch of pubic hairs on here at times.


    I'd prefer if we spent 15 million on 5 3million players in the hope that 1 comes good rather than 20 on the likes of downing.

  7. PL Winners: Man Shitty


    FA Cup Winners: Liverpool


    Carling Cup Winners: Spurs


    Champions League Winners: Real Madrid


    Europa League Winners: depends on who gets dumped out of the CL.


    PL Top Scorer: Sergio Aguero


    PL Player of the Year: Luis Suarez


    PL Flop of the Year: Robin Van Persie


    1st PL Manager Sacked: Paul Lambert


    Surprise Team of the Year: West Brom


    Date on which Allardyce is linked with England job: 14th November


    Total goals will Van Persie score in United's first four games: 1

    Everton A, Fulham H, Southampton A, Wigan Athletic H

  8. Here we have people moaning about BBB and others for not thinking Rodgers is the next best thing and not showing him respect and then we have this thread where people abuse our ex-manager in 9 out of 10 posts.


    Just like you do with Rafa at every chance, so what's your point exactly?


    Hodgson got a lot of people's respect at the very beginning (not everyones but a lot) so why can't Rodgers at least have the same? He hasn't done a thing wrong yet to warrant the abuse that the likes of that prick BBB gives him. At least Rodgers doesn't chat total shit every single time he opens his mouth like Woy did. While it is true that respect is earned at least let Rodgers earn it.