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  1. What a fucking cunt he really is showing himself to be. If you criticise him then you are obviously not a "proper fan"?! Jesus, this guy is a cunt. I haven't liked him and his bollocks for a while, with his pathetic attempts to win people over with his fake Shankley-esque thoughts and comments, but his progress and results spoke for themselves. Now they have crumbled there's fuck all left for me to appreciate in him. Proper fans? Fuck off you prick. A proper manager would look at his own short-comings rather than those supposedly of the club's fanbase.


    No need for the abuse. I'm sure you were singing his name when he brought number 5 home.


    Don't forget the players need to get the finger out big time too. They talk a good game but there's been fuck all fight from many of them this season. Too many winge bags in the side and it shows.

  2. This season is a write off so Rafa should bed in the younger players a la Wenger style with a view to having a good crack at it next season. There's no real decent managers available out there that are as good as Rafa, Hiddink maybe but that's it. And even Hiddink has failed at clubs.


    Rafa has a good record here with us and should be allowed a dodgy season. Once it's only the one dodgy season and not carried on next year! We all know about Slur and Wengers records in their first 6 years at the helm, but Rafa's is better in his 6 years and I think he should be given a bit more respect and a chance to turn things around.

  3. He's apparently by far and away the worst trainer at the club, absolute piss poor attitude on the training ground. That may explain why he doesn't get anywhere near the team even when everyones injured. Still a strange one though, I would have thought 9million would have been snapped up at the first offer.


    Yea I'm still baffled by that one. Maybe it's cos Rafa wouldn't have been allowed to use the 9m that he didn't want to let him go, being down a squad player if he went.

  4. Ive had more time to reflect upon my original comments earlier in this thread. I believe that i made a mistake as i failed to relay my thoughts in relation to Degen in a way which truly described the man.


    I agree that saying he is shite was, upon reflection, incorrect, what I should have said is hes a thieving bastard who happens to be shit at football.


    Philip degen wages £10,000 per week (est) 78 weeks (estimated) thats £780,000 games played in PL 3 minus 11 mins for getting sent off at fulham, wanker!


    thats just over 4 hours not bad hey £195,000 per hour played, and you fucking wonder why we are in a financial mess!


    When you put it like that !! hard to disagree.

  5. Never gonna get it 100% right with allocating refs.

    But refs like Mason who clearly have favourites and go out of their way to deny a team fair decisions should not be referee's at all. And should not be allowed to ref games of teams where it's clear they have influenced the result of the game against that team previously.

  6. I do have one question, what the fuck does Dirk have on Rafa? He played him up top and he was shit so he turned him into an even shitter winger.


    Now that we have a new winger hes up top again????? i know we lacking strikers but for someone on £60,000 + a week hes taking this piss out of us.


    Rafa loves Kuyt's work ethic. That's all it boils down to really.

  7. haha.


    he was responsible for our only not-on-target non-shot that somehow went it on saturday. I almost forgot that!


    Revealed: MOTM versus Stoke - Liverpool FC


    He can't be that bad.

    Then again him getting MOTM proves the rest of the team are crap, does that sound about right Tom?


    Anyhow regardless of the greek lad playing or not, the players responsible for actually winning us games need to get the finger out on Wed night. So it's time for Kuyt/N'gog/Riera to show they deserve to wear the shirt. This is a huge game for us so we need to get on the offensive from the off.