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  1. I'd sell Babel, Riera and Kuyt in the summer.


    The priority should be getting a top left sided winger.


    Yea I'd agree. A lot of people would want to keep Kuyt for his work rate and he is a good worker, but if we are to get a top winger we need to spend big and use the money raised from this for it.

  2. I did say people know in simple terms, I have no problem with sos giving details about transfer funds, debts , stadium etc in this statement, but sos could have just given the details about finances etc without putting CP in a difficult situation with the owners.


    As the sos member said CP was kind enough to meet with you and give the fans inoformation we would otherwise not have, so I do not understand why the sos had to release the bits of the meeting that could possibly cause him problems with the owners when it sounds as if he is trying to do whats best for the club.


    They released it as it was and how it went. Read up on it man.

    If it puts CP in an awkward position so be it, because he is in a difficult position. That's gonna be like that til those 2 are gone. He may well be trying to do whats best (time will tell), but you really cant have a meeting with CP without mentioning or quoting him.

  3. Imagine if Rooney was to get the 'rough justice' Torres seems to get on an almost weekly basis. He'd be at the ref more than he is already, with his mate Rio backing him up.


    True that.


    It's got to the stage where I'm just expecting him to play 3 of 4 games and get injured. Frustrating as Fuck but wouldn't swap him for anyone. Especially shrek.


    If we had him and Stevie fit for a whole season we'd be such a threat. The potential of that team is huge, just needs the right nudges and a bit of luck.

  4. Am I the only one who saw some nice glimpses of how he could bring a new dimension to the side? His skills are well above Dirk's (sorry Dirk fans) and he also has more pace to add to it. If/when we get all of our players fit I'd like to see him on the right with Aquilani behind Torres and Gerrard back alongside Masch I think we would have a better solution to filling the gap after Xabi than the other ones we've tried before this season.


    Totally agree. Doesn't look very fit at the min mind you does maxi, but give him time I suppose.


    The Aquilani situation is just baffling. I'm not even gona burn the few brain cells I have left trying to fathom it.

  5. When Masch was injured there for a few weeks it forced Rafa's hand and he had to change things. It turned out for the better as we started to look more balanced in the middle of the park. I'm not suggesting for a second that we drop Masch, but it should have shown Rafa that Lucas and Masch are not a pairing you can play attacking footie with.


    Any combo of Lucas/Aquilani. Lucas/Gerrard. Masch/Aquilani. Masch/Gerrard in midfield would give us better balance. But Masch/Lucas just does not work at all and never will.


    Rafa's a stubborn stubborn git who'll not change this though, so we are stuck with this until one of them gets injured or leaves.