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  1. Everyone's frustrated mate but judge him at the end of the season. This year has been his biggest blip since he came here, but a lot of things have gone against us that he can't be blamed for. Granted he could help things a lot by at least making proper decisions on playing staff but I'd still say he'll come good by the end of the season. yes I'm an optimist !!

  2. Whatever any of us lot think about redknapp senior writing for that shitrag, i wonder how jamie feels about it. Given that he was upset that he was rumoured to be writing for it himself, is he equally upset that his own father writes for it? Or his great mate john tewwy?


    Good point. He should pressure 'arry not to.


    Anyhow at least we know Jamie hasn't sold out totally, ya sexy suit wearing Legend.

  3. We should win this comfortably. Last nights game against the chavs would have taken alot out of them.


    I'll go for a 2 nil to us. Aquilani to come on the last 10 mins. More of the same of leaving Yossi on the bench.











  4. I was born in Ormskirk but live in Dublin since I was 7. I follow Ireland and go to the majority of their matches, but also look out for England results. I never really give a shit if either loose, but if Liverepool loose I'm livid for days. So I guess it's easy to say Liverpool more important. Anyhow I think international games are crap to watch most of the time.

  5. Those fuckin touts are getting worse too. At the man city game some little prick with a blue shite tattoo on his arm (just spotted it up his sleeve) tried to sell us tickets - 2 for 150. We were looking for one for a mate who arrived last minute.


    Another spectacle wearing cunt who sounded like he was smacked up and was shaking said he could get us 2 for 80. We played along with him and he tried to bring us around the back of the chippy facing the kop to get the tickets. When we got there he said he only had the one, and that he wanted 90 for it. Fuckin leeches. Really gets on my tits that the tickets get into the hands of these scmbags.


    How the fuck these cunts get away with it? The fan card option was meant to stop the like of this, but it still seems to go on.

  6. This might sound clichéd but I have faith in Liverpool Football Club. I believe and know we can come through this, regardless of who is at the helm.


    Rafa is a good manager. He has proved that. He may not approach the game in the way that us fans grew up with, but he makes the best of a bad situation (no money, politics behind the scene over the last few years etc etc...) and gets us to being a side challenging for honours at least. Every year since he's been here we've been challenging.


    This season has been the weirdest and most messed up in terms of injuries. Nobody could have expected that. What we would want is him not to make the oddball team selections and substitutions that he does make, but I can't rem a time under Rafa when he hasn't been any different. And he most likely won't change that either.


    At least give him some breathing space until the end of the season and judge him then. Calling for his head now is pointless.

  7. were to go from here, because as rafas biggest fans he's lost the players;

    but 5-8 of them need to look at themselves because it was not so long ago the same side more or less was steamrollering teans, and the Alonso excuse is well cried out.

    It dosent matter if it's across between bob paisley and bill shankly were going to get no where while those to cunts are owners, so who in their right mind would take over thats better


    This is one of the most confusing things I've ever read. Rafa's biggest fans, alonso, bob paisley and bill shankly, cunt owners, potential owners - all in a few lines. Either you're some sort of Genius or I'm in need of more sleep.