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  1. I'll only believe it when I see it.


    If our current lads stay fit we won't need him. Cos lets face it, Rafa won't play 2 up front breaking the Gerrard/Torres link so he'll just be a bench player and that's exactly why he's trying to get away from at Spurs. He's not gonna want to swap their bench for our bench.

  2. Andriy Voronin has spoken of his determination to play a part in helping Liverpool get their season back on track.

    After returning from a profitable loan spell with Bundesliga outfit Hertha Berlin in the summer, the Ukraine striker has yet to find the back of the net in eight appearances for the Reds this term.


    However, Voronin admits he holds a strong desire to prove his worth at Anfield, and is eager to give fans something to cheer about in the coming weeks.


    "Last season was good for me because I wanted to play more matches," the 30-year-old told Liverpoolfc.tv.


    "I went to Hertha Berlin, played a lot of games and scored goals. I was happy there.


    "But I always wanted to come back to Liverpool because they are a massive club.


    "It is very important for me to be here. I've spoken with Rafa and I want to take my chance, work hard and play for Liverpool."


    He added: "I hope in the next game I play, I can give the Liverpool supporters more."


    Voronin watched from the stands as Liverpool were held to a frustrating 2-2 draw by Birmingham City at Anfield on Monday evening.


    The result means the Reds have won only once in their last nine matches in all competitions - a statistic the No.10 acknowledges to be disappointing.


    But Voronin insists there is a steely resolve amongst the squad to reignite their campaign and cites last month's victory over Manchester United as proof of what Liverpool are capable of.


    "The season hasn't started well for us," he said. "We have dropped a lot of points, but the season is long.


    "We can play better, everybody knows that. We played really well against Manchester United last month and showed a lot of good determination.


    "There is a strong desire amongst the players to turn things around. We want to try and win every game and we will do our best both in training and matches."


    Liverpool are currently in the midst of a two-week hiatus from action due to the international schedule.


    Though with several first-team players sustaining injuries in recent weeks, Voronin is hoping the recess will allow the squad time to recover ahead of the Reds' next outing against Manchester City on November 21.


    He said: "The break could have come at a good time for us because we have a lot of injured players who cannot play.


    "I think it is a good time for us to take a break and prepare for the next game."



    What a load of crap. He wanted to come back so he could continue being paid a fortune for doing fuck all - oh and missing sitters. Prick.

  3. Superb signing. People can talk about spending 16 million on a full back, but at Anfield against the weaker teams our full backs get just about as much possession as anyone.


    He's also contributing in what should be winning us games with goals, assists and winning penalties.


    The myth that he couldn't defend has gone, as we haven't seen any of that since he's arrive, quite the reverse.


    Along with Torres and Reina, he's been our best player this season.


    that above. 100%

  4. He's young, he'll learn. If he starts to make a career out of it, a la Ronaldo and Drogba, then we can have a right go at him.


    I seem to remember our captain diving on a few occasions....


    All I can say is thank fuck he did get the peno. A point is a point is a point etc..

  5. On another night we would have got 4 or 5 playing like that, but credit to them they defended well against us. So if we keep that up we have to start getting results.




    N'gog is looking like a decent attacking option for us. He is still young and can get better but he's showing glimpses of his potential.


    Johnson was just quality last night, top man.


    Gerrard at 50% is still such a threat and we miss him big style.


    Lucas had a decent game again. Solid but not going to win you games.


    To hard to judge aquilani as everyone was attacking at the end, but looks for a forward ball the whole time so promising.




    Kuyt. a shambles last night

    Skrtel. Couldn't pass to save his life. And he's a hoofer.

  6. I actually lost my voice from screaming at him last night. How the fuck Rafa can't see he is a serious weak link for us at the minute is baffling.


    He has the touch of a sledgehammer and looks as if he's trying to fight off a few bees everytime he jumps. driving me crazy.


    Needs a kick up the hole and dropped until he gets his form back. Can't keep carrying him.

  7. We've always had our strongest runs in the 2nd part of the season. So as LFD pointed out already, if we get our team fit we could get up there and be in with a chance. A lot of teams are able to cause upsets to the top 4 this year, more so than ever. So why not?


    I know its a different era, but we were 10th at Christmas in 1981 and came back and won it. Anything is possible in football, especially with the reds!!

  8. If we did end up in the europa league final, there would still be a massive scramble for tickets from our supporters. So all this about it being a joke competition is bullshit. You'll get lads on here saying they won't watch it, couldn't give a fuck etc. but when it comes to a final they'll be the first to look for a ticket.


    We may end up in the Europa league because our performances just havn't been good enough in the CL. Simple as.


    If I had the choice between the europa league or the league cup I know which one I'd be picking. Our pedigree is based around our European history. What the fuck is so bad about adding another european trophy to our collection if it comes to that?

  9. I always try to stay positive, but any small chance we had before the Fulham game is surely gone.


    I can't remember feeling so down about the team in my life. Even when we were finishing 30 points behind the winners I didn't feel as bad. But Sat just took the piss big style and really can't see much hope coming anytime soon.


    Loose to Lyon and we are left with the FA cup, and winning that takes a whole truckload of luck. Can't see silverware again this season. Please prove me wrong Rafa...

  10. As long as he's with us he's always going to be linked to Madrid. So I'd ignore it and only believe it on the day he actually does walk.


    Rafa's an intelligent man and would know that he'd have 2 seasons max there the way they constantly change coaches. At least here he has everything the way he wants it at the minute. Makes no sense for him to leave yet.