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  1. 11 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Incidentally Italian women used to be my favourite but its changed to Albanian women now. Fucking hell they are mostly off the chart beautiful. 









    All hairy cunts though, except maybe the Russians. That's the style you like.


    I once rode an Italian bird and she had more hair on her back than I had on my head. Beautiful face though.

  2. I voted for the Social Democrats this time around. They more or less occupy the ground where the Labour Party should be IMO and indeed have some former Labour reps in their party now. Unfortunately their candidate didn't get elected this time around but I can see them being strong in future. My 2nd preference went to SF's Paul Donnelly who topped the poll, and who honestly does some great work on the ground around the entire area. I live in Leo Varadkar's constituency and I'm just happy the smug prick didn't top the poll and had to suffer waiting until the 5th vote to get in.

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