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  1. One most Irish people will get. It's from my mother who's from Dublin....


    There was a dance song in the 90s called "We like to party! (The vengabus)" by the Vengaboys, and the line in the song goes "The Venga bus is comin and everybody's jumpin" but my mother always sang "The Finglas bus is comin and everybody's jumpin".


    It was quite funny for us to hear and we never corrected her for years. 




  2. On 17/02/2020 at 19:55, Pistonbroke said:

    Uncut Gem.


    Thought it was just a shouty mess myself. 




    I watched that at the weekend and it genuinely gave me anxiety. The excessive shouting at and over each other made it really stressful to watch at times. It had the workings of a good film and there were some good acting performances, but fuckin' hell it was tough going with the shouting.

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