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  1. Sault - 5


    Bit of a gem this one that gets better with each listen. Such a diverse sounding album that there's definitely something for everyone within. A real groovy, funky record with so many musical influences throughout the entire piece - Disco, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Motown, R&B and more.  African, Caribbean and Asian percussion rhythms and chants. Superb basslines and vocals throughout. 
    Getting vibes of the sound of Gorillaz, Haelos and Rudimental from the production too, which is excellent. 
    My only gripe is that a very busy and funky first half gives way to a more pedestrian second half though but that's a minor point. Nice change of mood from the last few albums and one that suits the good weather. 

    Top Tracks:
    Up All Night
    Don't Waste  My Time
    Why Why Why Why Why
    Let Me Go
    We Are The Sun


    And how on point is the track "Foot on Necks" now... 


    Easy 7.5/10. Would be more if it was shorter by about 4 filler tracks. 


    I had a quick listen to their 7 album too and that's also very good. I'll have these albums on my" garden listening" playlists. 

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  2. Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea


    Never heard of this particular album by Buddy Guy, not that I can recall anyhow. IMO One of the best guitarists ever.
    Is there any coincidence in this being released in 2001 when The Black Keys first started out? Their early sound is very similar to this.


    Overall I had mixed feelings on this one, very good in parts but someone needed to be more in control and reign this in.
    I'm struck by the immediacy of the recording which doesn't really work - too much reverb, too much space. Many of the tracks are outstaying their welcome big time. It sounds like one big Jam put to tape that would probably be great live. I do like some of the heavy blues going on here - excellent guitar work throughout.


    Done Got Old - Classic sounding blues track. I really like this - I hear you, Buddy. I hear ya...
    I thought it was setting the tone for the rest of the album - wrong..


    Baby Please Don't Leave Me - Deep prodding fuzzy bass and percussion throughout this one with some kick ass riffs and solo's.
    It's just too long though and the bass eventually gets overbearing. Maybe it's my headphones though.


    Look What All You Got - Lyrics are too repetitive but I get a real buzz off that guitar.
    I like the little turn around at the end adds a bit of interest.


    Stay All Night - Could be listening to The Black Keys here so there must be a crossover there somewhere... I like this track.


    Tramp - Great intro with a real dirty dark blues feel to the lyrics. Bit of a hypnotic looping effect listening to this. He really makes the guitar cry over that 8/8. Too long though. The bass again is saturating my headphones. I'll have to look into whether it's me or the record..


    She's Got The Devil In her - Great vocal on this one. That "thinny" sound that sometimes pops up on some of guitar solo's is a bit annoying.


    I Gotta Try You Girl - A guitar workout really. Nothing interesting happening from the rhythm section. Far too long and a bit boring to be honest. Does it end?


    Who's Been Foolin' You - Totally unlike the rest of the album and a nice little breather. Vocals are good and the rhythm section finally gets a chance. But that effect on the guitar is crap - it doesn't work here IMO. Sounds bolted on rather than part of the track. I do like this track though.


    It's a Jungle Out There - sounds like some of the other Buddy Guy tracks I've heard over the years. One of the better songs in terms of lyrics. It is indeed a Jungle out there.

    This record just sounds like a lot of jams put to tape. Lyrics are sparse and never stray from the standard Blues formula when they do pop up.Guitar is the star of the show as expected but that's not enough for me to make me want to listen over again.


    I'll give it a 6.5/10

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