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  1. I was 11 last time around and took for granted winning everything. This will be emotional and I'll be fairly tipsy to say the least but I'll be honest and say the Covid19 has taken a little shine off it for me. Not being able to celebrate with my mates in a pub is a bit odd but I'm sure we'll meet in a field somewhere and toast a few there. 

  2. All You Need is Now  - Duran Duran


    I saw these live at a festival a few years back and not being a fan I was expecting nothing but came away fairly surprised. 
    They were good but they stuck to the hits. I guess when you've been around as long as these lads have you kind of have things nailed down.My wife is a big fan so I might heard this album before around the house and not by choice.... 


    Press play.....

    All You Need is Now 
    The opener sounds like something Blur could muster up. A hint of Liam Gallagher's solo stuff in the verse section but unmistakably Duran Duran in the Chorus. A Bright and bouncy number. Not bad at all. 


    Blame the Machines
    80's vibe all over this with a blast of synths and sequencers. That's about as good as it gets. Those Whoa's are annoying. 


    Being Followed
    Hearing the early Duran Duran sound. I found this boring.


    Leave a Light On
    I like the start of this. I'm a fan of the aul drum machine sometimes. Nice acoustic guitar going through the start. 
    Bit like their 'Save a Prayer' song in parts. Production is nice on this track. 


    Safe (In the heat of the moment)
    Great start to this. Funky as fuck and I really like that bass line. Decent radio friendly synth-pop song.


    Girl Panic!
    Oasis have a song called Gas Panic! It's better than this. 


    A Diamond in the Mind
    Pleasant enough track. Sounds like it was part of a bigger idea that never took off fully.


    The Man Who Stole a Leopard
    Best track on the album for me. The vocal is lovely on this. A very odd track and I think that's why it works. 


    Other People's Lives
    Again, unmistakably Duran Duran. It has everything their early 80's albums had. Decent track.


    Written on a yacht perhaps? 'Rio' springs to mind here. Decent vocal by Simon here. A boring song in the verses however. 


    Too bad You're So Beautiful
    Trying to be The Killers on this one but still staying themselves? Not very catchy though and lyrically shite. In fact the whole album isn't great in that respect.


    Runaway Runaway
    Forgettable really and I have to admit I'm getting tired of this album by now. 


    Return to Now
    Unnecessary filler instrumental.


    Before the Rain
    Not a bad song and I like the chord progression on this one. Vocals are bit 'shouty'. 

    Defo harks back to the 80's this album. That's their gig though, isn't it? I don't doubt if they released it back then it would have been fairly successful. The production is very good as expected from Ronson. 
    It's not a terrible album really, upbeat and high energy but nothing stands out and it seems like I was listening to it for hours. Not for me. Die hard fans would surely love this though.



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  3. 2 hours ago, Sharp Shooter said:

    Is it possible she thought she was with Keita thinking she was with Mané and after giving Mané consent realised after showing photos that it was actually Keita? Thereby in her head she gave consent to Mané and not Keita? Imagine the rabbithole that would open up in legal cases.


    "I was convinced I was with Ryan Giggs' brother and it turns out I was with Ryan Giggs."


    Eastenders are looking for new writers. You're on the shortlist.