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  1. Gold cup is a nightmare too. 


    Winning back to back Gold Cups is very rare, so that rules out Al Boum Photo for me. 

    Alpha Des Obleaux too old at 10. Presenting Percy ran a stinker last year (found lame) and hasn't been good this year. Santini is a very good horse but gets a bit close to fences at times so that's a black mark for me. Kemboy has jumping issues, always makes 2,3 mistakes in races but was close to Delta Work at the DRF and didn't look all out. 


    I do think it will be an Irish winner. I'm likely to go for one out of Monalee, Kemboy or Delta Work. Prob back Delta Work single and Monalee e/w at a big enough price. Really is impossible to call. 

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  2. I backed Honeysuckle NRNB for the CH but she's now going Mares hurdle. I think it's an opportunity missed. I'm the same as you @Toxteth O'Grady - I have no idea what to back. It's wide open. I might just do Sharjah each way.


    Other ante post / NRNB bets I've done:


    NHC - Forza Milan @20/1

    Northern Trust - Put the Kettle on @25/1

    Pertemps - A great view @25/1

    Stayers - Paisley Park @ 11/10, 6/4 and Evens.

    Kim Muir -Bob Mahler @25/1, Plan of Attack @25/1

    Albert Bartlett - Lord Royal @25/1


    Still have a lot of reading to do yet before the week is out.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

    I've seen this sentiment all over Twitter and such. It's simplistic to say this. We miss him like we would miss any good player, but him not being there is not even close to being the reason we lost today. 


    It's one of the reasons. We had zero leadership, nor any midfield presence. He brings both. Now it isn't like he's going to automatically make the front 3 score, or prevent Lovren being a cabbage, but he's the glue in the centre of the park and we're a lot poorer without him this season. 

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