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  1. 3 hours ago, Spy Bee said:

    I am banned from posting on Twitter for 7 days for tweeting "War is rich cunts telling thick cunts to kill poor cunts!"


    I think this is harsh.


    This year seems to be going well so far.



    Australia burned to a crisp

    Puerto Rico having biggest earthquake in 100 years

    Volcanic eruptions in Alaska


    I'm sure I've missed plenty.


    In 2020, maybe the sky actually will fall in!


    I got a 7 day ban this morning for telling Trump the world wishes he had a massive heart attack.

    Seems that telling the truth is a banning offence.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Elite said:

    Before my time but that was on the back of the most successful period in our history, I'm curious whether it hurts more when you're used to winning or when you lose the odd final when you aren't used to winning much (Pretty much my entire time as a fan). I'd have thought you'd take it on the chin more when you've seen us lifting trophies consistently, whereas when you're in the odd final it's massive as it's possibly the only chance of a trophy for the next few years.


    Might be something in that. I was only young but I was used to us being the dominant team and winning everything in sight.

    Also, after the events of that year it just felt like sick to the stomach to lose the title by goal difference. I still vividly remember how I felt that day.

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  3. Hopefully people can manage to stay safe and ride out the storm. Looks horrific. 


    But the evidence is right before our eyes. The planet is fucked. With so many "Conservative" and "Liberal" governments in power around the world, it's not going to improve either. All civilizations eventually come crashing down, start of ours dying off? Bring it on. Let me see us collect 19 first though. 

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