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  1. 2 hours ago, Jordy Brouwer said:

    I have to disagree I think he's a good defensively orientated full back who dives in too much. If he could learn to stay on his feet and not commit himself more I think he would be better. I think he's a good player. 


    For shits and giggles I feel like going through their team


    Rashford - genuinely talented and has had to carry them so much his back is gone.


    Dan James - One of those weird Championship signings of British players that United is obsessed with making for some reason. Total crap and it was funny to see Salah swat him away for his goal


    Lingard - Awful. Seems to be having mental health issues and I'm sympathetic to that but these people get paid ridiculous money. His head has clearly gone but as I say if you are getting paid that money its hard to sympathise. He has had difficulty with "abuse" on social media but honestly who hasn't - like most of United his heart seems to have gone. Also "beans". 


    McTominay - One of those British Championship signings, just coz. Completely "meh" if that. He's decent and could develop into a good player but hardly inspiring. 


    Greenwood - A real talent. Blows hot and cold but given his age he would. They've got a realy gem there. 


    Tuanzebe - Over rated due to his age but not terrible. 


    Peirera - Truly awful. Way too lightweight which is a common theme - see Lingard. Is supposed to bring attacking guile but passes it backwards and sideways all the time. If I had to pick an avartar of United now it would probably be him. No heart. Doesn't take risks because he doesn't want to be the one to annoy the crowd. 


    Mata - no


    Matic - nope


    Wan-Bissaka - see above


    Lindelof - Fine. Mediocre. United's defence isn't really that bad. 


    Fendandes - could be great to be honest. I wish Barca had come in and spoiled that signing. 


    Maguire - He's a good defender. He's not worth £80 million but he's a perfectly decent defender. 


    De Gea - A very good keeper and one of the best shot stopping "on the line" keepers around. His best days are obviously behind him. 



    I love seeing how terrible United are but they will always be worth keeping an eye on because as we have learned the world turns in more ways than one. 




    Negged for 'shits and giggles '

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