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  1. I can only enjoy the CL these days. I'd never thought I'd be happy with European refs but they are streets ahead of the corrupt shower of cunts in the PL. The PL is now just a joke. 


    This will be an interesting game and it would be nice to get qualification in the bag but we do things the hard way. Could be a 3 nil win or a 2 nil loss. It'll swing either way I reckon. 


    We're fuckin shite. 

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  2. Gave the kids their advent calendars this morning and the little lad's little face was a joy to behold. He's only going on 3 so it's all still new to him.  Wasn't sure how he would react having one thing day by day but I was surprised he took it so well. 

    Looking forward to it this year because I'll be working from home and won't need to bump into too many cunts. 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Doctor Troy said:

    Pubs being open less but having far more customers. The pub seemed far more accessible to people a while ago. Mainly because of the prices. Virtually most of the pubs in Huyton are gone now and loads of places seem to have none at all any more.


    Pre Covid as well. 


    I think insurance costs are a huge factor for pubs. Just not worth it for smaller pubs now. 

  4. It's corrupt as fuck and no one is going to convince me otherwise. There's a lot of cunts making big money off these decisions, especially refs and their families. I can't be arsed watching the PL anymore. It has been destroyed. I just about have faith in the CL and watch and enjoy that now. But overall the game is fucked and I'm just happy I've got to see us win the lot again before it's destroyed forever. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Red Shift said:

    Turned on to The Man Who Sold The World as a 16 year old in 1974, so I have a massive soft spot for it. Also love Space Oddity from 1969 originally titled David Bowie, renamed by RCA in 1972. In reality, I love most if not every one of his albums. It was a sad day indeed when the news guy wept and told us . . .  he was gone.


    As for Mick Ronson, Bowie owed a hell of a lot to his underrated guitar & arrangement genius in the early days. Also greatly missed.



    Ronson's work on The Man Who Sold The World is superb. Always liked the Original name he had for the album - Metrobolist. Quite cool. 

  6. 2 hours ago, A Red said:

    If you'd been prudent, pursued a sensible policy of cutting things out and acted sensibly you too might have been able to share in the moral profits of following her majesties governments guidelines.


    Her Majesty is a fucking tramp slapper, stuffing social welfare up her cavernous clunge. 

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