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  1. Carlos Tevez - His work rate was just incredible. Like a little wasp with skill. 


    Gordon Strachen - another who was a hard working player and tough as nails. I only saw him in the flesh once and couldn't believe how good he was.


    Ian Wright - a brilliant player. Just naturally gifted and seems like a sound enough bloke in real life.


    Paul McGrath - another gent of a man who was a phenomenal player given how fucked his knees were. 

  2. 31 minutes ago, Colonel Kurtz said:

    Douglas Mckivor, thick Scottish cunt in a fight over Janet Mcabe who we were both shagging. I was about 17. Pleased to report I battered the cunt though he started it. Nearly 40 years have passed but sure if we bumped into each other in the street it would kick off again. Not thrown a punch since. Last I heard. Janet was lecturing in radical feminist film studies so doubt she's shag either of us now. 



  3. Spoke to a mate who lives in Wicklow. He was in a pub yesterday and people were actually using other people's masks before going to the bar because they forget their own and just grabbed one off the table. All because they want a pint. People are just too fucking thick and this is going to be a full on disaster again coming into winter. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Trumo said:


    Why do all these Adidas Size 'exclusives' always look like factory seconds that fell off the back of a lorry? Maybe I've answered my own question and pinpointed exactly why they are exclusive.


    I've never had an issue with Size? so far, fingers crossed.

    But they do generally copy designs that have already been released under different names. 


    I've seen some photos of some of the very "hard to get" Liverpool, Blackburn, Shanghai's that were awful quality. Apparently everything that comes out of Vietnam nowadays is the best quality, with a hit and miss rate elsewhere.

  5. If Sadio manages to go into midfield at the end of his career and still be as effective as he is now then I'll have to review my opinion of him. For now Barnes ahead of him IMO. Barnes was just phenomenal. 


    Sadio's an amazing player and not just for his goal contribution. He is excellent at shielding his full back too. Thinking about it further as I'm typing this,  it's probably not a fair comparison really given how the game has changed. 


    Basically, I'd ride them both. 

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