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  1. Bananagun - The True Story of Bananagun


    I couldn't really get into this one if I'm honest. I kept expecting the Austin Powers theme to join in at some stage. Now that is just me being facetious but I just didn't find it memorable and even after the 3rd listen it hadn't really gripped me. It was all a bit too 'busy' for my liking at times and just never once let up for a breather. It also sounds like it just plucked the best bits of 60s psychedelic pop and put it together here without offering anything new.


    Take nothing away from the effort though. It is a really ambitious record and the percussion and guitars here are really very good at times.


    'Out of Reach' is excellent. Love the sax making an appearance and the guitar has been very well recorded here. 


    'People Talk Too Much' sounds like it came straight from Fela Kuti himself. Funky Afrobeat rhythms that are difficult to dislike. 


    I wouldn't be rushing back to listen to it but I appreciate what they've done is technically very good. So for that I give a 6.5/10 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Stickman said:

    How long before the Tories follow suit ?



    The new head of the USPS, Louis DeJoy, is a Trump man through and though (and major donor). He is now busy making sure USPS can't handle voting in this year's presidential election. The fix is in. This cannot stand.





    They already did at the last election. 

  3. Madison Cunningham


    Really enjoyed this short performance. It can be sometimes difficult to capture some artists like Madison in such a small space. Such a delicate and wonderful voice like that could easily get overpowered by other instruments but no sign of it happening here. Lovely tone from the Guitar - I think its a Fender Jaguar, (could be a Jazzmaster I'm blind as fuck these days) and she can really play it. Bass player really solid but looks like he sells shit overpriced coffee for a living. 


    The songs are pleasant to listen to so I'll go check out some of her other stuff. She reminds me of Margaret Glaspy and that's no bad thing. 


    7.5/10 for me. Nice pick, Howie.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Tony Moanero said:

    Musical taste is subjective. No one’s opinion is superior to anyone else’s.


    I'm not arguing that someone can't have an opinion on a bands music. I'm arguing that you can't have an opinion on a band you've never fully listened to which is totally different. 


    Imagine judging Supergrass based solely upon that "We are Young" shite. You'd be missing out on some brilliant music.


    I've never listened to a Linkin Park album for example, so I'd never offer an opinion on them being "depressing" or "boring" or whatever. Because I'd just be a tit. 



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