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    Kate Beckinsale

    She can fuck off with the antics and just film herself lumping a bottle of HP up her snatch.
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    Faith and Religion

    He's right. Masterbate - be in control of the whole process Masturbate - just lob it out without much care
  3. ZonkoVille77

    Faith and Religion

    I'm happily able to masturbate to this thread.
  4. ZonkoVille77

    Happy Birthday, Tony, you cunt.

    A Taurus like myself. Happy birthday, T
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    Random musical chat.

    Just watching a recording of Radiohead at Austin City Limits on Sky Arts. Fucking hell those cunts are just unbearably talented. I genuinely can't understand how people can't appreciate these lads.
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    GF music review club

    That's the beauty of music. Everyone's tastes are different and that's what makes it exciting. His voice is in the marmite category for sure. When I first heard him sing on this I didn't like it either but then it grew on me. I saw him live and he was great but I wouldn't expect everyone to like it.
  7. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    I'm not going to do a full review of the Fiona Apple album but it's good. I have her Tidal album and this is quite far from that but the first track on that "Sleep to Dream" could easily sit on this album. It's a risky set of tunes but it really works. Strong on percussion and atmospherics. Lyrics and vocals are good. She's not everyone's cup of tea but I like her.
  8. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    I have 2 in mind. Let me know if this one has been posted before and if so I'll stick up my other choice. Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam - I Had A Dream That You Were Mine.
  9. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    I'll have a little think and put something up tomorrow.
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    GF music review club

    Ike and Tina Turner - Workin' Together I have never listened Ike and Tina before and I confess to having a strong dislike of listening to Tina Turner. But that's the 80's stuff onwards so I'll put that aside for now... A decent album this one. When it hits, it is brilliant. Some really good musicians on show here and I'm pleasantly surprised with how good Tina's voice is on some of these tracks (I guess that's why she is so successful, Zonko you muppet). She can really belt it out but can do the subtle stuff superbly. Great backing vocalists too. The arrangements and production are spot on here. Workin' Together - Great vocal but a slow burner that doesn't really go anywhere and actually burns out. As Long As I Can Get You When I Want You - Funky and upbeat. Great horn section. Get Back - banging vocal on this. Brings a real gritty rock feel to an already rockin' tune. I especially like the guitar work which is better than the Beatles version IMO. The Way You Love Me - Second original song here. Ike could actually write good music. Pity he was such a cunt. This is standard rock/blues with a very good arrangement. A very good song. You Can Have It - Third original song. Really getting a sense for Ike's writing style and again the same applies - he could write a tune. The lyrics would mean a hell of a lot more if she wrote them. Very good vocal once again from TT. Game of Love - One of the best songs on the album and another written by Ike. The arrangement is brilliant and the lyrics too. Almost reminds me of Use Me by Bill Withers for some reason, in terms of it's progression and story telling delivery. Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter - What a name for a song. Class. Hearing all sorts of artists here. Getting my SHAFT kicks too from the intro. Definitely a funky tune so we were warned by the song title. Ooh Poo Pah Doo - Boring this one. Very repetitive and goes nowhere. Proud Mary - More people know this version than the Creedence version. I used to like this song until it was ruined by every prick singing it at karaoke's all across the land, or X Factor - and butchering it. I prefer the original and always will but she really gets her teeth into this one and I can't find fault with the playing. Goodbye, So Long - Good up beat tune but not much elevates it beyond the vocal. Let It Be - no. Just no. Why would you even think of changing the lyrics to this song? If you have something that important to say then write a song about it. Don't mess about with one of the best songs ever written. A sin. I quite liked this and would listen to it again no doubt. I've learned a bit more about Tina than I thought I knew so that's a plus. I've also saved some of the better tracks onto my playlist. Enjoyed it. 7.5/10
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    GF music review club

    @Shooter in the Motor - Fiona Apple it is? Nice one.
  12. ZonkoVille77

    Little Richard - RIP

    Another legend bites the dust. RIP
  13. ZonkoVille77

    Christina Milian.

    She wants me.
  14. ZonkoVille77

    This VE Day thing.

    Anyone know what happened during wars 3-11 ?
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    GF music review club

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here I probably mentioned on here before that my first love in music was dance music and I had no real interest in anything else. I'd listen to the odd Beatles album the folks played but that was about it. That all really changed when I heard Shine On You Crazy Diamond for the first time. I was in school and an older lad I started buying hash from was chatting about music and he asked had I ever heard of Pink Floyd. "That Another Brick in the Wall shite" I answered. He gave me a clip across the ear. So he starts filling me in on how great they are and listening to them with a spliff was a pleasure, and that they had a 25 plus minute version of one song, in 2 parts, called "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". He'd get me a copy on cassette. "Right so, knobhead. I'll give it a go. 25 min songs? Fuck's that about?" Life changing. I listened to that tape until it was in tatters. I didn't know music could sound so "Spacey, far out". The synths, guitar, lyrics - all just blew me away. Fast forward to today. It's still one of my most favourite albums of all time. My favourite PF album by miles. I think this is the PF album with the best vocals they've ever recorded. Definitely has the most sincere lyrics and some of the best pieces of musicianship laid down by Wright and Gilmour. The tempo of the album is actually pedestrian at best. But that you never once get bored is a testament to the brilliance on offer. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - All parts. Those epic 9 minutes of pure instrumental bliss leading up to Waters singing are a joy to behold. When I first heard it I was blown away.All manners of otherworldly sounds coming from Wright. Gilmour solos galore here. At 2.08 exactly Gilmour's guitar still gives me tingles. Then at 3:54 the 4 notes played by DM building up more suspense and just begging for your attention. Waters' lyrics are brilliant too. Try listening to this without wanting to join in on "Shine On you..." Just when things sounds like they are tapering off, up steps the Saxophone and the tempo changes and we're off again. Fucking brilliant. Not content with ending the track there, we have another 12 minutes of musical excellence on the 2nd side. Blues/Prog - it never gets old. Welcome to the Machine Everyone's least favourite song on this album apparently. But you can't really listen to this track as a standalone track can you? The tension this track brings ensures it's a part of the entire journey. The acoustic guitar brings a little bit of earthly grounding to an otherwise space epic.A nod to the music industry being complete leeches, but also "Big Brother" shadowing over everyone. "Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. Where have you been? It's alright we know where you've been" Have a Cigar You can hear the contempt for industry execs just drip from this track. The guitar is the star here. Superb guest vocals by Roy Harper. A fact I didn't realise until many years later. I just assumed it was Gilmour. "Oh, by the way, which one's Pink?" Wish You Were Here This is just a beautiful song, isn't it? Lyrically and vocally it's top notch. Simple acoustic guitar work all blend in as a beautiful ode to Syd Barrett. I was lucky to see Gilmour live in Madison Sq Garden a few years back and this was played to perfection. I have yet to go to a house party that doesn't have someone belt out this song. A Timeless album. 9.5/10
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    Area 51, UFO's, US Government and all things alien.

    In Aliens We Trust.
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    GF music review club

    I sat out in the garden yesterday and listened to this with a beer. Started off good but it just didn't strike the same chord with me as the first few times listening. So I listened again this morning and I think I was being very generous with the 7/10 score. Some of it grates after a while. Sorry Howie!
  18. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    The Peep Tempel - Tales Never heard of them and to be honest I know nothing about Aussie rock/punk music so this was a welcome introduction. I really enjoyed this and have listened to it at least 10 times now. I love a good raw sounding album and this hits the spot big time. Driving basslines, choppy guitars and nonsensical lyrics are here in abundance, although I sometimes think I'm listening to many different vocalists. Sometimes the Aussie accent comes through, other times there's a John Lydon impression, Iggy, Ian Dury and I even hear a sneering Julian Casablancas. CD was right in what he hit on above though - a lot of these tracks would be much better live because the production isn't the greatest here. When they manage to get the bass and drums right on a track they conspire to fuck up the guitar or vocals and vice versa. But that really isn't as big an issue for me as it would usually be because the quality of the tunes on show. Best songs for me: Vicki the Butcher - for the lyrics alone. “Vicki, I’m sick of all these animals, when we going to move?” Big Fish - best track on the album. Carol - Just so catchy “I don’t think Trevor is good for you, Carol!” . " I don't want to be a fucking Christmas ham". Brilliant. I love this track. I'll absolutely listen to this album again and it's saved to my favourites list. I'll give it a 8.5/10 and would be higher only for the balance of the recording and the last song "Opera of Lester Moore" which is way out of whack with the rest of the record, even if it is a good song in it's own right. I'll check out their other records at some stage. Nice one Jose.
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    Murphy: I regret leaving Liverpool

    He's awful to listen to. Sounds as bitter as Shearer and that takes some doing.
  20. ZonkoVille77

    North Korea gettin' all Gangnam up in this bitch.

    "A man with a lumpier thought than a muscle" I'm in.
  21. ZonkoVille77

    Donald Trump

    I've no idea what this means.