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  1. ZonkoVille77

    Jesus Christ... Klinsmann on German TV live

    both in my case. I dont like the back stabbing bastards trying what they tried on Rafa to get him in. And I can't see what Klinsmann has done to deserve the chance to manage our club. I'd rather see Louis fucking xfactor Walsh manage instead of him
  2. ZonkoVille77

    Howard Webb

    one word for him - CUNT. Not his fault we lost of course. but he is a manc cunt. He deserves a chuck norris special to the face.
  3. ZonkoVille77

    Jesus Christ... Klinsmann on German TV live

    Can things get any worse. Fuckin club is a mess.
  4. ZonkoVille77

    Riddle Me This Rafaites

    SG hasn't led by example at all this season. He's done nothing but mope around the whole time. It's obvious he's really hurting at the complete capitulation of the team this term and the cause of that lies with the manager. I don't honestly know what to think anymore about Rafa. Really have no idea what the hell is going through his skull. We actually looked like a TEAM in the first half, for the first time this year. That can only lead us to better performances. We didn't get any luck again in this game either. When things are going your way you get all the shouts, but yet again we had none. The peno, the OG etc etc.. Last season we wouldv'e been 2-3 up at half time. Ah fuck it, i'm going to get more drink.
  5. ZonkoVille77

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    I'd hope he'd resign if he was forced to sell the best players. If that ever happened though, then we really would be heading the way of Leeds Fuck me I never thought I'd be saying these things. Depressing, worrying and sad times.
  6. ZonkoVille77

    Tomkins at it again......

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but come on mate. Some of the crap he writes is utter shite. it's hard not to realise he's just a spin doctor for Rafa.
  7. Well we didn't win so your whole post is a little bit pointless. I'd agree that people are rushing for his head a bit early but that's the modern way. I keep saying judge him at the end of the season.
  8. ZonkoVille77

    The forum cheer up thread

    Fuck me that Torres ad at the start looks like it came straight out of the Fast Show.. brilliant, haha. fuckin cheered me up no end
  9. ZonkoVille77

    Dean Ashton

    Poor Bloke - I'd be gutted at his age. Just hope he doesn't turn to the dark side of drinking, partying and women.... eh wait, that's the good side !
  10. ZonkoVille77

    Dirk Kuyt

    He really needs to be dropped and is dragging us down with his performances this season. I admire the lad, he has great heart etc. but he's been just so dire this year. Everyone can see that so why can't Rafa? frustrates the ballbag outta me big time.
  11. ZonkoVille77

    If we got an offer for Gerrard.......

    really - you have to be extracting the urine mate. are you a chav or manc wind-up merchant?
  12. ZonkoVille77


    Pacheco did enough to warrant being on the bench ahead of babel, voronin et al. He looks sharp and up for it. Crap game, but at least there was no injuries.
  13. ZonkoVille77

    Rafa's brazillians

    We could nearly have a full starting 11 of just keepers! Yippee!
  14. ZonkoVille77

    Attitude to Europa League

    Any sort of Trophy or final this year will make me happy. It's been so fuckin depressing this year. Whats worse was seeing that ladyboy bastard being hugged by Alonso and Arebeloa after he scored tonight. That hurt. The fake-tan using inbred skinny legged cock muncher
  15. ZonkoVille77

    Attitude to Europa League

    3 decent sides there that would easily give us a few scares.
  16. ZonkoVille77

    January Sell Out: Who would you rid and why?

    1. Babel - in exchange for an ipod 2. Voronin - in exchange for some KFC 3. Plessis - in exchange for jax roll 4. Degen - in exchange for some tweezers for Rafa's eyebrows 5. Dossena - in exchange for some cash towards the yanks S&M parties 6. Riera - cos he's a lazy cunt
  17. Everyone's frustrated mate but judge him at the end of the season. This year has been his biggest blip since he came here, but a lot of things have gone against us that he can't be blamed for. Granted he could help things a lot by at least making proper decisions on playing staff but I'd still say he'll come good by the end of the season. yes I'm an optimist !!
  18. ZonkoVille77

    Next four league games

    2 wins, 2 draws Draw Arsenal and Wigan Beat Portsmouth and Wolves (1 nil jobs each time probably)
  19. ZonkoVille77

    Hugo Rodallega

    I like him, has potential. If he was a winger early in his career then he'd suit Rafa's setup - buying strikers to put them on the wings....
  20. ZonkoVille77

    An unlikely source of goals.......

    Harsh. Who'd do the goals then??! I'd love to see Reina would burst the net from a free or peno. back to reality....
  21. ZonkoVille77

    Rafa: Aquilani Close to First Team Debut!

    We have to trust Rafa's judgement. He sees him training everyday so will know more than anybody how Aquilani is progressing. I think everyone is just so frustrated with the season so far they want our 20mil attacking player actually playing and offering something up front and not warming the bench. It's natural. But he needs to be right, no matter how long it takes.
  22. ZonkoVille77

    An unlikely source of goals.......

    Exactly. Lucas often gets more chances over the 90 mins, but even he seems to try to aim for the floodlights. It's obvious Rafa's saying it as a confidence booster for Masch but we've seen his shooting and unless you're blind, it's just not good enough.
  23. ZonkoVille77

    An unlikely source of goals.......

    He may as well tell Carra to start shooting too for all that it's worth. Tells you how bad his shooting is if it needed the leg of a defender to help it on its way... I have a thought, how about letting a 20mil attacking player have a go instead?
  24. ZonkoVille77

    Jamie Redknapp is not writing for the S*n

    Good point. He should pressure 'arry not to. Anyhow at least we know Jamie hasn't sold out totally, ya sexy suit wearing Legend.
  25. ZonkoVille77

    Quick Question

    Way too big an ask. Head says no, heart says yes. prob why I'm always broken hearted... muppet.