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  1. ZonkoVille77

    Toni or Vanessa

    Vanessa big time. Toni looks like there could be a history of gingerism somewhere in the family.
  2. Anyone that takes down a bank by betting is a legend.
  3. ZonkoVille77

    Tommorows game

    Looking for a big performance from masch in this one. If he's on top form I think he'll be the difference. Come on Red Men !!
  4. ZonkoVille77

    Out of towners please fuck off

    she prob is a banshee at night mate.
  5. ZonkoVille77

    Out of towners please fuck off

    Turkey Fucker
  6. ZonkoVille77

    Tony Gale (early morning rant)

    Never really cared for the fucker before, but after reading that he can crawl up Moyes dump shaft and rot the fuck away. What a no nothing prick.
  7. ZonkoVille77

    Totally wrong about a player ?

    I've watched him playing for Ireland for years and he's the most frustrating player to watch. He spends more time waving his hands in the air than actually doing anything. He misses way more than he scores too.
  8. ZonkoVille77

    Totally wrong about a player ?

    Overall it has to be Clough for me. Thought he was gonna be huge for us and ranted about him for months. Cisse was a let down big time. I thought we'd turned a corner when we signed Morientes, but didn't work out. I also thought torben piechnik was gona be a decent player, at least as good as Hysen was.
  9. ZonkoVille77

    Riera: stay or go?

    Yea I'd agree. A lot of people would want to keep Kuyt for his work rate and he is a good worker, but if we are to get a top winger we need to spend big and use the money raised from this for it.
  10. ZonkoVille77

    SOS Minutes with Purslow meeting

    They released it as it was and how it went. Read up on it man. If it puts CP in an awkward position so be it, because he is in a difficult position. That's gonna be like that til those 2 are gone. He may well be trying to do whats best (time will tell), but you really cant have a meeting with CP without mentioning or quoting him.
  11. ZonkoVille77

    The Derby match Thread

    Yea I'd agree. He won't "risk" Aquilani in the Derby game.
  12. ZonkoVille77

    Gary Macca

    The baldy head !! gary macca, gary gary .... top song. fuckin legend.
  13. ZonkoVille77

    Is Torres' injury record starting to worry you?

    True that. It's got to the stage where I'm just expecting him to play 3 of 4 games and get injured. Frustrating as Fuck but wouldn't swap him for anyone. Especially shrek. If we had him and Stevie fit for a whole season we'd be such a threat. The potential of that team is huge, just needs the right nudges and a bit of luck.
  14. ZonkoVille77

    Bolton Match thread

    Are you Rafa????
  15. ZonkoVille77

    Bolton Match thread

    We'll win at a struggle. 2-1 ------------Reina---------- Carra Kyrgiakos Skrtel Insua Maxi Mascherano Lucas Riera -----------Gerrard--------- ------------Kuyt-----------
  16. ZonkoVille77

    Put Gerrard back on the right?

    I'd prob agree if I knew what the fuck you're on about.....
  17. ZonkoVille77

    Put Gerrard back on the right?

    Maxi can play left or behind the striker, and be a back up for right mid. Benayoun can do the same. Kuyt, well - I could go on and on and on and on.....
  18. ZonkoVille77

    Is Torres' injury record starting to worry you?

    It is a bit worrying but always seems to be the case with pacey players. The hamstring always seems to go on the lads. Wouldn't be too much of an issue if we didn't rely so much on him to provide the goals. But I'd take an injured injury prone Torres over any striker any day.
  19. ZonkoVille77

    Put Gerrard back on the right?

    Yea wouldn't be a bad move. Play Aquilani behind the striker and either maxi or riera out left. There's a lot more running involved on the wing probably, but it has the advantage of having both Aquilani and Gerrard in the team. Will it happen? No, prob not.
  20. ZonkoVille77

    Mutu caught doing drugs

    He's either really addicted or just plain fuckin stupid to get caught. Was it this cheese he was on ? Cheese (recreational drug) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  21. ZonkoVille77

    I love this

    Brilliant In fairness, if he tried to do that dancing around the ball in front of me I'd have given him a chuck norris special and chopped him down.
  22. ZonkoVille77

    Rafa Targets a RIGHT BACK !!

    right back? a fucking right back. I really hope this is bollox. Hows about a centre forward, left winger, or a left back more importantly. Fuck sake.
  23. ZonkoVille77

    Deadly serious question: David Moyes

    Nope. Keep him. Next question...
  24. ZonkoVille77

    negativity towards Steven Gerrard?

    I'd agree to a certain extent, but you're ignoring the fact that Gerrard is a brooding sulking type player who when does these things, has a bad effect on the rest of the team.