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    Players You Don't Recall Playing For Certain Clubs

    Zenden at Boro always freaks my nut out.
  2. ZonkoVille77


    Yea I was onto that. Been some really great music on The Listening Party and a great idea.
  3. ZonkoVille77

    Adidas Trainers

    Fuck sake. There are many things wrong with the world today and we can add this to the list. Bastards.
  4. ZonkoVille77


    They are a brilliant band. I have worn their Liquid Skin album and had to get another copy. Excellent.
  5. ZonkoVille77

    Donald Trump

    It's a man named Michael.
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    That whole album is brilliant. I started college that year and I will always remember reading this, scraped into a desk in my Electronics class- "Kenneth says the frequency is 50 Hertz"
  7. ZonkoVille77

    Adidas Trainers

    Sale now on the Adidas site. I've just bought the kids some stuff that I'll put away until it fits them.
  8. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    No idea what to expect from this one. Cheers CD.
  9. ZonkoVille77

    Racism in Southern America..

    I'm not even sure who I'm supposed to hate anymore.
  10. ZonkoVille77

    Racism in Southern America..

    David Walliams is an epic cunt. One of the biggest dickheads to ever walk the planet. That is all.
  11. ZonkoVille77

    Best Managers of the Premier League Era

    Pardew Kinnear Hughes
  12. ZonkoVille77

    Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

    Baby. Met her in person years ago and she's fit and sound.
  13. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    Sault - 5 Bit of a gem this one that gets better with each listen. Such a diverse sounding album that there's definitely something for everyone within. A real groovy, funky record with so many musical influences throughout the entire piece - Disco, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Motown, R&B and more. African, Caribbean and Asian percussion rhythms and chants. Superb basslines and vocals throughout. Getting vibes of the sound of Gorillaz, Haelos and Rudimental from the production too, which is excellent. My only gripe is that a very busy and funky first half gives way to a more pedestrian second half though but that's a minor point. Nice change of mood from the last few albums and one that suits the good weather. Top Tracks: Up All Night Don't Waste My Time Why Why Why Why Why Let Me Go We Are The Sun And how on point is the track "Foot on Necks" now... Easy 7.5/10. Would be more if it was shorter by about 4 filler tracks. I had a quick listen to their 7 album too and that's also very good. I'll have these albums on my" garden listening" playlists.
  14. ZonkoVille77

    Adidas Trainers

    The Samba OG squeak like fuck too.
  15. This thread is exactly why I avoid transfer threads in the summer months. Load of fuckin shite.
  16. ZonkoVille77

    Run The Jewels

    I saw them live at a festival few years ago. Great energy but not my thing really. Can see why many like them though.
  17. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    Never heard of them so no idea what to expect.
  18. ZonkoVille77

    Jodie Comer

    I'd be like a rat up a drainpipe.
  19. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    Now that's an album.
  20. ZonkoVille77

    GF music review club

    @TheHowieLama Told a mate about that Sweet Tea album and he really loves it. So thumbs up from a stranger.
  21. ZonkoVille77

    China Crisis

    Of the 2 China's, I prefer the Peoples Republic of China.
  22. ZonkoVille77


    There is a man called Trump Who has a head like an Elephant's dump He is fond of incest and young girls to molest and he ordered Epsteins head to go crump
  23. ZonkoVille77

    Peaky Blinders

    I thought Brody was fuckin shite.