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    Ignore Lists...

    Or straight down your piss slit. Perhaps.
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    Latest hit count. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
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    Ignore Lists...

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    Naby Keita

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. I'm a fan of Naby. He brings something different and works very hard in tight spots - always looking for the forward pass. But if you compare his performances with his time in Germany then there's something just not right. Maybe that's what JK wants, maybe it's Naby not settling. Who knows? But it's undeniable regardless of what stats say. You do know that the human brain is more capable than computers? It's one of the reasons humans are better at galaxy identification than computers. So maybe, just maybe, the human eye can spot that Naby isn't performing at his peak, regardless of what any amount of "Stats" tell.
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    Naby Keita

    This. 100%
  6. We really need him back for the Atletico game. There was a big fuck off gap in Midfield the other night. If he's missing then we're going to struggle.
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    He's good going forward but isn't the greatest defender. A bit like Trent to be honest.
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    Watford (A) Premier League 29/02/2020 - 17:30

    We're fuckin shite.
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    Donald Trump

    I can't cope anymore. Seriously. Someone please press the pause button and load in the real world again, please. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/484496-trump-doctor-hid-cauliflower-in-mashed-potatoes-to-improve-diet
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    So that's Italy, Tenerife, Austria and Croatia now. All big holiday destinations. This is going to fucking explode. Nice knowing you all, cunts.
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    Alisson Becker

    He's fucking ace.
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    Naby Keita

    Back to Leipzig to say thanks for letting us take Timo.
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    West Ham (H) Premier League - 24/2/2020 - 20:00

    Awful stuff. They've been far too cocky tonight with no leaders on the pitch. Time to wake the fuck up.
  14. ZonkoVille77

    West Ham (H) Premier League - 24/2/2020 - 20:00

    We look quite leggy in patched. Not a fan of the winter break as perhaps it seems to halt momentum. I thought we would steamroll these with that side but we've only been good in patches. Still think we should win this but we need to get the finger out.
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    Top 5 Toys You Had As A Kid

    Bless your memory, Tony.
  16. ZonkoVille77

    Lyrics You've Got Wrong For Ages

    Well today I've just realised I've been singing Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" wrong. Instead of "I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey " I've been singing "I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave" For years. I'm fuckin shite.
  17. ZonkoVille77

    Top 5 Toys You Had As A Kid

    Yea the van with the removable roof. I'd have loved the figures too but I guess the folks budget never could stretch that far.
  18. ZonkoVille77

    Top 5 Toys You Had As A Kid

    Millennium Falcon AT-AT Subbuteo A-Team van This fisher price garage which I absolutely adored and played with it well beyond what it was built to sustain.
  19. Role model for all youngsters starting out. Brilliant attitude with talent to back it up. Class act.
  20. ZonkoVille77

    Liz Hurley

    She's great.
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    Lyrics You've Got Wrong For Ages

    One most Irish people will get. It's from my mother who's from Dublin.... There was a dance song in the 90s called "We like to party! (The vengabus)" by the Vengaboys, and the line in the song goes "The Venga bus is comin and everybody's jumpin" but my mother always sang "The Finglas bus is comin and everybody's jumpin". It was quite funny for us to hear and we never corrected her for years.
  22. ZonkoVille77

    Adidas Trainers

  23. Naby, Fab and Gini in the middle with Milner swapping for Naby when he inevitably tires after 60 mins.
  24. ZonkoVille77