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  1. cuppatea

    Other football 2016/17.

    A draw is the by far the best result for us here.
  2. Karius going long every time he gets it. Presumably under instruction?
  3. I don't think coming for crosses is his game.
  4. cuppatea

    Other football 2016/17.

    Never in doubt.
  5. cuppatea

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    An absolute worldie: https://twitter.com/Football365Life/status/771423168091283456
  6. cuppatea

    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    They were saying on the Guardian podcast that Sterling's camp were blaming his poor form on a lack of individual coaching from Pellegrini, which he was getting from Rodgers and is getting now from Guardiola. Apparently Manuel just left him to get on with it and the poor lad didn't like it.
  7. cuppatea

    Roberto Firmino

    Reckon he's been largely underwhelming as a 10. The bulk of his goals, assists and best performances have come as a false 9. I don't think he's linked up particularly well with any of our strikers when played behind them.
  8. cuppatea

    Transfers summer 2016

    He's not the best keeper in the world but if we sold Mignolet he'd have no problem getting regular first team football at another Premier League club. Our direct replacements for Clyne (Randall or Alexander-Arnold), Can (Stewart) and Mane (Ojo) are Championship level at best, at least on current ability.
  9. cuppatea

    Klopp Kopped.

    I said when our fans turned on Rodgers that if they genuinely believed all of the club's problems were entirely his doing and that replacing him with a manager who had won another league would fix absolutely everything they were setting that man up for the same sort of kicking they gave his predecessor. If managers had the sort of impact English football fans believe (and could be as easily and objectively identified as good or bad as they believe) then they'd be the ones moving for £100m fees and £350k a week wages and Spanish clubs, who tend to just hire whichever high profile former player fancies the job, wouldn't be completely dominating European football. If Klopp doesn't deliver the miracles expected of him by our fanbase (as in, they genuinely believe he will perform them, having heralded him as some sort of infallible deity because he won the Bundesliga and is extremely charismatic) then they'll be giving him the full Rodgers treatment in 12-18 months time, if not much sooner.
  10. cuppatea

    Transfers summer 2016

    As long as we're selling to English clubs who are all awash with cash we're laughing when it comes to shifting players. It's dealing with foreign clubs who are all fucking skint that we struggle to recoup any sort of meaningful fee. If we're loaning players out with a view to selling them we're better off sending them to the Championship than abroad. It's alright Aspas, Alberto, Suso, Illori etc doing well on loan in La Liga but if they're not good enough for the top 3 and none of the others have got a pot to piss in then we're never gonna shift the cunts.
  11. cuppatea

    Other football 2016/17.

    Brother asked me earlier what he should do with the £100 burning a hole in his pocket and I had a look at the betting odds and told him to lash it on Ibrahimovic to score 1st in a 2-0 win at 35-1. Should have heeded my own fucking advice.
  12. cuppatea

    Transfers summer 2016

    I'll celebrate the fee if/when we reinvest it. Even if you think he's shite, selling our 2nd top scorer from last season and not bringing anyone else in only weakens the squad. Great news for FSG, though.
  13. cuppatea

    Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

    So it turns out there IS a limit to the shit I will watch in aid of Olympics-fuelled nationalism.
  14. cuppatea

    Arsenal (A) - 14 Aug 16

    Early days yet so I may be jumping the gun but I've yet to see any indication at all in that half or any of the friendlies that Wijnauldum knows how to play centre mid.
  15. cuppatea

    Transfers summer 2016

    Bring back Gregory Vignal.
  16. cuppatea

    FSV Mainz 05 vs Liverpool

    Seems like Ings is barely ahead of Balotelli in the pecking order.
  17. cuppatea

    Having a Job (rise of the machines)

    I resent the fuck out of having to spend half of my waking hours working. I'm essentially selling a significant portion of my limited, precious time on earth for money. People will look back on us poor cunts working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with pity.
  18. cuppatea

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    Those teams have much worse players than England and managers no better (probably much worse) than Allardyce. I'm not convinced managers matter as much English football fans like to think anyway (the cult of manager certainly doesn't seem to be as strong in Spain, for example). The Champions League has more in common with international football than domestic leagues and recent winners include: Zidane - 6 months into his managerial career Enrique - Whose managerial career was going nowhere until he got the Barca job off the back of his playing career and then promptly won the treble Di Matteo - Who couldn't get a job managing my local Tesco at this point And then you had Avram Grant being a penalty shootout from winning it as well. If Allardyce can get the players performing to anywhere close to their ability and with any semblance of cohesion at a major tournament then he'll do fine, given how low expectations are right now.
  19. cuppatea

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    They breezed through qualification with a perfect record under Hodgson, who is shitter than Allardyce.
  20. cuppatea

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    I can't stand the cunt but his job, primarily, is to get 11 English players performing reasonably well together for a handful of games every 2 years. A cabinet full of trophies isn't a pre-requisite for that, nor is being a tactical genius.
  21. cuppatea

    Transfers summer 2016

    It shows why players are so desperate to come over here if winning player of the year and captaining your side to the title in the Eredivisie gets you a £14.5m move to Newcastle and only occasionally playing well and getting relegated from the Premier League gets you a £25m move to Liverpool.
  22. cuppatea

    Gran Torino

    Fucking abysmal.