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    Man of the match - Game 15 - Everton - Away - PL

    1. Gerrard 2. Skrtel 3. Meireles
  2. ElNino_9_TheKid

    High Court Date and Time

    Sorry for my ignorance, but when is this going to be resolved - when will we know if we're sold? They just had a lawyer of SSN saying that he thinks the club will win their case later in the week and we will be sold by this end of the week. I was under the impression that if RBS win today we are sold, is this the case?
  3. ElNino_9_TheKid

    Too good to be relegated?

    So we've decided Torres is shit at football now?
  4. ElNino_9_TheKid

    Game Thread vs Blackpool(h)

    I'd aprecciate a pm too...
  5. ElNino_9_TheKid

    Top restaurants in london?

    First one that came to mind. It's superb there. Blue Elephant London
  6. 1. Gerrard 2. Meireles 3. Poulsen
  7. What Katie Did - The Libertines Blank Page - Smashing Pumpkins The Bewlay Brothers - David Bowie Electric Guitar - Talking Heads The Captain - Biffy Clyro These Days - Joy Division Someday - The Strokes Please Forgive Me - David Gray A life in the Day of Benjamin Andre - OutKast Pacific Theme - Broken Social Scene
  8. ElNino_9_TheKid

    Jamie Carragher Testimonial Game

    Robbie says he probably won't be able to make it. Gutted.
  9. I would probaby start Pacheco and Shelvey. I doubt Spearing is good enough for us now, he's not a youngster anymore. I would be fairly pleased to see him play a part though, we need to know for sure if he has what it takes or not, I'd love him to make it.
  10. ElNino_9_TheKid

    The Festival thread

    What's going on with the TV coverage for Leeds?
  11. ElNino_9_TheKid

    Shiny Happy People

    I don't hate it, nor like it. It's just a very much tounge in cheek, catchy pop song. Superb band though. What did the GF make of their latest album Accelerate? Not a classic, but I quite liked it.
  12. I agree with Faustus, 10 is the way forward. Music When The Lights Go Out - The Libertines We Are Not The Same - Good Shoes The Seed (2.0) - The Roots Velouria - Pixies Rules and Regulations - Rufus Wainwright Holiday - Weezer Drug Ballad - Eminem I Have Seen - Zero 7 Church - Outkast Whiskeyclone Hotel City 1997 - Beck
  13. ElNino_9_TheKid

    New Arcade Fire

    Just realised I said earlier in the thread that City With No Children was my least favourite track, that's wrong. I vaguely remember saying it but not sure why, probably had it in my head at the time - I'd say Sprawl I is probably the weakest track in my opinion (excluding The Suburbs (continued) but that just wraps things up nicely). Can't wait for 9th of December, going to be one great show!
  14. ElNino_9_TheKid

    England player wins gagging order

    How do so many of you seem to know it's GJ?