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  1. paddyberger

    Best non alcoholic refreshment for hot weather

    I’ve found out why Roses is in short supply. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/02/factory-fire-behind-roses-lime-cordial-shortage/amp/ Ive not managed to find the Waitrose one yet but the coop stuff is truly awful.
  2. paddyberger

    The IPTV Thread

  3. paddyberger

    The IPTV Thread

  4. paddyberger

    The IPTV Thread

    Can confirm the above. If you skype him he responds pretty quick. I might see what he can do multi-room, another box upstairs would be handy.
  5. paddyberger

    Guitar enthusiasts.

    Brilliant that, thanks for sharing.
  6. paddyberger

    Andrew Robertson

    He’ll deserve it when he inevitably does.
  7. paddyberger

    Andrew Robertson

    What appeared on the face of it to be an uninspiring signing has turned out to be a master stroke. Cracking player and comes across as a good lad to boot. New contract is well deserved.
  8. paddyberger

    Free or cheap music thingy like Apple Music.

    Me and mate split the cost of Apple Music, not free but cheaper. Set up a family account and add your mate or more. If you can get an NUS card you can also get Spotify for a fiver a month too. That ukhotdeals site always has cheap deals for courses that make you eligible for NUS.
  9. paddyberger

    Rebeca Tavares

    You rang M’lud?
  10. paddyberger

    Rebeca Tavares

    Sherlock Holmes would be proud, repped.
  11. paddyberger

    Learning how to play the Guitar

    I actually got it for a steal. Enjoy it mate. I’ve always been more into acoustics myself, I picked up a Big Baby recently although I did plan to buy a GS mini instead. I’ve also got a lovely 12 string Martin which rarely comes out these days. I need to play more really.
  12. paddyberger

    Learning how to play the Guitar

    That’s a lovely guitar mate. I got my brother his dream guitar recently for his 40th, a Jazzmaster. It’s a Mex too.
  13. paddyberger

    Best non alcoholic refreshment for hot weather

    I’ll give it a try cheers. I’ve not found another than even comes close to Roses.
  14. paddyberger

    Best non alcoholic refreshment for hot weather

    Amazon is out of stock, The one’s that are going 8 quid a bottle and it normally a couple of quid. Been like that for at least a month now.
  15. paddyberger

    Best non alcoholic refreshment for hot weather

    I like water or Roses Lime cordial, has to be Roses as I’ve not found a good alternative. If you have, let me know as it’s hard to get hold of.