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  1. chevettehs

    The GF book thread

    Got Hardcase by Dan Simmons and The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke to have a go at. Need to get searching in the loft as well to see where I am at on the Bryant and May books, I was totally up to date but I think I'm a couple behind now. I have been reading the new(ish) Vietnam book by Max Hastings, it's excellent, but it's nice to have a bit of fiction to get lost in as well.
  2. chevettehs

    Another School Shooting

    Yeah, but just think how many they would have had if they didn't have so many citizens with guns to act as a deterrent.
  3. chevettehs

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Yes, but in a loving way.
  4. Fuck him, let him rot managing the reserves.
  5. chevettehs

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Opium from China and weed via the Caribbean, then all we need is to get a foothold in Colombia and all of our problems will be solved. Most of the money from it is laundered here anyway, so it makes sense to cut out the middle man and just pocket the lot. Throw in some arms sales and Robert is your mothers brother, a recipe for total post Brexit success.
  6. chevettehs

    Things you've said at job interviews....

    No, I've been self employed for 5 years now and started studying again about 18 months ago so I've managed to escape it for a while, unless something spectacular came up I really don't think I could cope with having to work for someone else again. However, in answer to those questions. They would say I am a cunt. I could have left my previous job much earlier rather than wasting years doing a dead end job for a company who couldn't give the slightest fuck whether I lived or died.
  7. chevettehs

    Things you've said at job interviews....

    Along with everyone else responsible for the recruitment agency and HR related bullshit that exists now. Them and all of the estate agents. Also, what is your biggest weakness is the shittest question ever asked and highlights an interviewer who hasn't got a fucking clue. From the same shit interviewer playbook as why do you want this job?
  8. chevettehs

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    I don't know Stouff, I'm sure some women would find him attractive.
  9. chevettehs

    Prince Philip...

    Couldn't see but pulled out anyway, clear admission of guilt surely? They will do fuck all because he's an inbred royal cunt who we should all be in thrall to. If any of us did that we'd be in serious fucking trouble.
  10. chevettehs

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I wouldn't get too cocky, there are 36 points still to play for, we might end up behind them yet once the power shift kicks in.
  11. chevettehs

    Career Change

    Thing is last year it was a pleasant shock when doing the Access Course. My issue isn't so much doing something different, my issue is that a lot of the faculty seem to be completely incompetent. Which is compounded by the fact that I am student rep and they threw me under the bus last week because they haven't been reacting to shit that has been being raised. Based on semester one we have one lecturer who is genuinely absolutely fantastic, by far and away the best teacher I have ever encountered, teaches things which are quite difficult in a way that makes sense, is patient, really helpful and an absolute credit to the profession. Then one guy who is good but not great, however, he's highly entertaining and I've ended up getting on really well with him, to the point I pop into his office for a chat in general. Two who are so-so but there is enough material that you can make up for it. The remaining 3 are incompetent to the point I can't actually comprehend that they actually have doctorates. Long story short we have a module which has a really high failure rate and has done for a number of years, they keep asking why, then when they get responses about the teaching quality say they know better and the students are wrong. We had a 2 hour exam, one section of which contained at least 3 hours of Maths to complete it, not only that it contained 2 questions out of 5 on things which weren't even taught or mentioned in lectures. But apparently it's down to the students and not the people running the module. If I was to hazard a guess on the upcoming exam results we're probably looking at 80%+ as an average on the pure Maths exam (which is where we have the phenomenal teacher), 50 to 60+ on the exam for the guy I really like in general and then you'll probably be lucky if they are averaging 30% on the other module. Yet they won't accept that there is an issue in the module itself and the teaching.
  12. chevettehs

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Again I am starting to question the financial genius of SteveO, if we ignore his assertions a while ago that Newcastle are in a mess due to having a loan (which is to Ashley who thus far has not taken any of that loan back) and Everton being fine as their loan doesn't count because it's to the owner. So we've paid off 10 million and still owe 100 million on a loan with an interest rate of 2.4%? According to SteveO we'll owe that 10 million we paid off again by the end of next year. 100 million plus 2.4% interest equals = 110,000,000 ? I'm going to have a chat with all my previous maths teachers as my understanding was always that 2.4% of 100 would be 2.4, can't believe I've been misled all of this time. Even if it was compounded each month it would still only end up as an effective interest rate of about 2.43%. For a financial genius he certainly seems to struggle with basic maths.
  13. chevettehs

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Not all bad news. I hear that Mook has booked 4 holidays for next year already.
  14. chevettehs

    The GF book thread

    Cheers rapey, I've done some of the Spenser books having discovered him through him finishing off Poodle Springs. Been reading Lehaine and Pelecanos for longer than I care to remember. I've added a couple from your previous post my list, might jump into trying James Lee Burke first as I saw something where Lansdale recommended him and I figured if it's good enough for Joe it should be good. A second recommendation from you so I'll go with that. Actually as an aside have you read any of the Bryant and May books by Christopher Fowler? I think you might enjoy them.
  15. chevettehs

    Career Change

    If you want I have some workbooks on it that I can send you, in fact I have a whole series of about 50 workbooks which cover the basics for pretty much anything you will ever need to start doing anything Engineering or Scientifically based. Depending on what you did statistics wise you may have done some differentiation for error propagation but that's fairly mild really.