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    My better half...

    Supports her home town team Bolton Wanderers, but did have a £10 on us to win the Champions League after the Porto game.

    city at home

    I've just had a Citeh fan in work, telling me we are shite, we are finished, nothing our supporters do will scare them, their players are far to superior to be affected by fans living in the past. He also said Van Diyk is overrated and wouldn't get in their team. My response, sorry we have not got what you want in stock. Bye
  3. Anny, best of luck mate. I am 20 weeks sober now, largely because of help from others, many of them I never knew before and I would class as friends now. If you need, an understanding ear, here for you mate.


    Last night, I finally faced up to the fact that over more than the last 25 years, I have a drink problem and in certain circumstances a drink dependency. I did, quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done, I attended my first AA meeting. I don't want to put to much hope for my future based, on one meeting but I do already feel by facing up to what I am , I can begin to take the first step on a long long road to recovery. My only fear is time, how do I fill the time I spent for so many years drinking, so with this in mind I am going to another meeting today and hopefully will continue in this vain. Its a grim reality, but its my reality and I really want to get better.

    The Premier League Asia Trophy

    The winner takes it all

    Royal Ascot.

    Belter day yesterday, only 2 winners and a place, but the % stake/ returned is now a lot healthier. 2 Singles and a Double 2.30 Cuff 9/4 3.40 Quiet Reflection 7/4 1 Single e/w (really fancy this one) 5.35 Landofhopeandglory e/w Lucky 15 3.05 Humphrey Bogart 4.20 Qemah 5.00 Kings Fete 5.35 Landofhopeandglory Happy punting.

    Euro 2016 France

    Good to see Rushie looking very dapper there.

    Euro 2016 France

    Just placed a cheeky 20 on Wales and 50 on the draw. I really don't fancy England.

    Royal Ascot.

    Two days gone and returns less than 15% of stakes , hoping things really improve today. e/w Lucky 15 2.30 Peace Envoy 7/1 3.40 We Are Ninety 12/1 5.00 Predilection 12/1 5.35 Platitude 16/1 2 Single wins one very much larger than the other ! 3.05 Hawkbill 4/1 4.20 Order Of St. George Evs Happy punting

    Royal Ascot.

    Horrible day yesterday, starting day two well down. Hopefully these will pull me out of the shit. e/w patent 2.30 Ribchester 9/1 3.40 Marimara 11/1 5.00 Librisa Breeze 12/1 e/w double 3.05 Carmague 16/1 5.35 Dolce Strega 14/1 risky decent sized single 4.20 Found 4/1 Happy punting

    Royal Ascot.

    Nice start there Red House, great winner

    Royal Ascot.

    Picked a nice e/w lucky 15, a big punt on a fap and a small e/w single on outsider. Lucky 15 3.05 Yalta 7/1 3.40 Waddy 14/1 5.00 Sempre Medici 8/1 5.35 Tonily 8/1 Big Punt 4.20 The Gurkha 6/4 Outsider e/w 2.30 Cougar Mountain 25/1 Happy punting.

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I am not the cleverest man in the world never pretended to be lets get that straight before I start.This whole in / out has really made me realise how little I actually know !! I am sure of one thing who ever invented the term "Brexit" wants fucking shooting, why not call it is what it is a referendum. Here is where my confusion starts, I hear people talking about the pro and cons of being in Europe. Immigration seems to be one of the biggest issues. I have even heard somebody say, that the problem with to much traffic on the roads, is because we have let to many people in. I can't share this point of view, its narrow minded in the extreme to me. I understand that immigration is, a hot topic and there are scared people blaming it for everything that is wrong in this country, but from my point of view, if we tighten immigration, will that then free up time & resources to take a look at the British born people ? Those who live amongst us, who never have or never will contribute anything. We have a least one generation who, refer to ordinary hard working men & women as the knob with the job. Surely we have to deal with our own matters before we blame everybody else for our problems. The safety blanket, however flimsy the EU seems to offer is costing millions of pounds a year to be a part of. For me a simple man, its like cash out on BET365, we might not get what we set off to get, but at least we get something. While the other option is taking the risk of putting a whole nations populous and many, many future generations well being into the hands of people so hell bent on making their lives better than the the masses. This is scaring the shit out of me. I also think, now my kids are of working age, that some more of our working rights were taken away from us in when the minimum wage was introduced. I am under no illusion, that many people have gained since 1998, but I also fear, that the minimum is now the benchmark of what employers pay. My daughter, works for a large high street retailer, its not minimum wage, but these limited hours contracts that seem to be the new vogue, in recruitment are in some ways a state/business control over employees. I fear that by the time my grandchildren come along, with present attitudes and working practices, the poor little fuckers will work till they die, be told when, how and where they are expected to but never have the security and stability I have been lucky enough to have in my job. I know there are only 2 possible outcomes to this vote, I don't feel responsible enough to either keep us in a corrupt establishment that seems to think one cap fits all or a corrupt establishment that will destroy the very people, they need in order to gain such self serving power.. I am really worried, that if I feel this way, there must be others who feel as ill-informed and confused. I am really concerned that we won't be able to change a wrong decision, but we wont ever know what the right decision is.
  14. My eldest lad took me out for a pint last night, he asked me the best way to propose to his girlfriend and said he also wanted kids. I thought about it for a second, trying to offer some father-son wisdom, then realisation hit me hard in the face, I am old now. Still haven't offered any advice, I have been sulking since, knowing my best days are well and truly behind me.