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  1. The stupidity is your own.


    We all have our own views on what we like, or don't like, and where the line of acceptability is crossed. You are entitled to your own.


    You were attemptimg to justify the point at which individuals could be ejected from the ground.


    The "always the victim" chant is generic, and therein lies the problem. Is it a "whinging scouser" jibe? Or is is specific to Hillsborough?


    If the mancs want to chant about our culpability in the Heysel deaths are you saying they should not be free to do so?


    This is football. Tribal football. There are no legal grounds whatsoever for ejection (or banning) for the above, other than that we don't like them. Once you start banning supporters from singing what opposition fans don't like you end what football has been about since it started.


    Chill out homeslice: I'm working on a ditty about Darren Fletcher's prolapsed anus. Think it'll fly?

  2. Most classic games are now available courtesy of emulators.


    I recently downloaded over 65 gigs worth of Arcade classics (found I'm still shit at Kung Fu Master).


    Practically all the Amiga games are available if you look on the internet, same with C64, Speccy etc.


    Exactly. Over the years my PSP has been home to all the NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy (Advance), Mega Drive and PS1 classics I could ever want.


    I stick to the PC when emulating my childhood Amiga 600 favourites though: The Chaos Engine, Lemmings 2, Lethal Weapon, The Humans, Superfrog, Syndicate etc. all deserve the keyboard and mouse treatment.

  3. The cover art of mine is a cartoon depicting “Galileo the star-gazer and his younger, cooler brother the shoe-gazer.” The tunes are very much the younger brother’s, being the kind of thing heard in the University of Salford in the 21st Century, rather than the University of Pisa in the 17th. The theme is lo-fi, laid back, unpolished guitar tunes. Which is nice.


    1. Ride - Vapour Trail

    Riffy, student, floaty-vocals sort of thing. Pleasant.


    2. Dinosaur Jr. - Pond Song

    Same description as the first, but the whole thing is more distorted and edgy - a bit more my kind of thing.


    3. Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

    I don’t mind a bit of Radiohead (in moderation) but I’m far from their biggest fan. That said, I like this - more floaty vocals, this time, drifting over a twangy Personal Jesus style guitar riff.


    4. The Sinking Feeling - The The

    The The have a great knack for making you feel dirty. I approve.


    5. 7/4 (Shoreline) - Broken Social Scene

    This feels like it could be a slow-burning grower. For now, I’ll say it’s just OK.


    6. Une Année Sans Lumière - Arcade Fire

    Odd one, this. Drifts along, pleasantly and inoffensively, then goes a bit mad for the last 30 seconds. That’s my favourite bit.


    7. The State I Am In - Belle and Sebastian

    Pretty melody, catchy hook and faintly sordid lyrics. I heartily approve.


    8. Daydreamin’ - Lupe Fiasco

    This is the first track on here I’ve actually heard before. Unfortunately, it’s not one I like. It sounds like it belongs as the soundtrack of an advert. That is not a good thing.


    9. Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National

    Much more like it. Nasty drums, dirty vocals, vaguely menacing lyrics, extremely unlikely to appear on an advert.


    10. Waltz #2 (x0) - Elliott Smith

    Country-tinged waltz. Nice.


    11. Emma’s House - The Field Mice

    This smells of weed and loneliness, like a student’s bedroom.


    12. Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

    The other track I’d heard before. Fortunately, it’s a classic. If you don’t like this, you don’t deserve ears.


    13. Memory Boy - Deerhunter

    One of the more polished tracks, bounces along nicely, sounding catchy and Sixties-ish. Which is a good thing.


    14. Pink Triangle - Weezer

    Nice, rocky romp through a tale of thwarted love for a chick who digs chicks. Rough-arse guitars, well-twatted drums, strangulated vocals and slightly-warped lyrics. I approve.


    15. River - Joni Mitchell

    This is perfect. I’m surprised I’d never heard this before. It’s a classic, Christmassy song of loss and longing. Just Joni’s crystal-pure voice soaring over a simple piano. Also, it has since come up on University Challenge, so I could answer a question smugly. Bliss.


    16. All I Want - LCD Sound System

    Back to the lo-fi, student sound. Nicely distorted sounds all over the place on this one, with hints of Bowie’s Heroes in there somewhere. Good stuff.


    17. Young Man In America - Anais Mitchell

    This is not a happy person. Edgy, dark, stripped-down, vaguely menacing, unsettling, with echoes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and/or Young. This passes the “would it be used in an advert” test. I can’t see the delightful Martine McCutcheon promoting “tummy loving care” to this.


    18. Teen Angst - M83

    Sad to end on a bum note, but this one falls flat, like a fish dying on a synthesiser.


    Overall, though, I’m happy with this. It’s plugged some gaps in my knowledge (and pointed me in some potentially interesting directions.) I’ve been a bit tardy reviewing it, because it’s definitely mood music - and the mood in question is not “festive”. Definitely one for nights when I’ve got the house to myself and some whisky.


    I don’t follow other people’s musical tastes closely enough to hazard a guess at who Santa is, but thank you anyway. Make yourself known and claim your rep, you wonderful, white-bearded sexpot, you.


    Ziggy Stardust, that.

  4. Anyone been watching this, I'm just catching up with it on iPlayer? Has it been on before? I've done a bit of googling and it appears to be new but I've definitely seen it before. Either that or I'm having the weirdest deja vu ever.


    Deja vu mate, it's an entirely new series. Some of the BBC Natural History spin-offs will use library footage but hardly ever the Attenborough docs (especially recent legacy stuff like this).


    Massive BBC Earth fanboi and judging by the first couple of episodes Africa is going to be up there - the hippos at night was boss but that cricket stalking the chicks freaked me the fuck out in ep one.

  5. Twas I.


    Cheers for the boss review Chauncey, glad you enjoyed it.


    Aaaargh! I was gonna make you the second guess but didn't fancy risking the shame of being wrong twice. It's a cracking mix mate and a lot of the tracks are now on my gym playlist. Btw were you a fan of Burnout 3 much, perchance?



    Reckon last year was the strongest for a while (admittedly I didn't scratch around much in 2011). Bored in work so have done my favourite 20 releases:



    1. Tame Impala - Lonerism

    2. Lone - Galaxy Garden

    3. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory

    4. Grimes - Visions

    5. Woods - Bend Beyond

    6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Mature Themes


    8. Japandroids - Celebration Rock

    9. Melody's Echo Chamber - Melody's Echo Chamber

    10. Django Django - Django Django

    11. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

    12. Passion Pit - Gossamer

    13. Anais Mitchell - Young Man In America

    14. Actress - R.I.P.

    15. Crystal Castles - (III)

    16. Shearwater - Animal Joy

    17. First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar

    18. Animal Collective - Centipede Hz

    19. Lightships - Electric Cables

    20. Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It


    There 's some diverse tastes on the GF - it'd be interesting to see what everybody else made of 2012 musically.

  7. *slopes into thread*




    Gotta say, this was clever:




    Hmm, pretty unremarkable on first glance...


    Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal.





    Musics (click on the title for a play):



    What to say about this? Every right-thinking person on this earth enjoys the music of New Order and this is one of their finest. Stone cold classic.


    2. Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror


    Oh yes indeed. Still got Vs. and Ten on CD somewhere but the discography is now sitting on my hard drive, freshly torrented thanks to Santa. The song? All about the batshit outro for me.


    3. Placebo - Teenage Angst


    Hard band to love, Placebo. That said, the first album is a belter (they went properly to shit during and after Black Market Music imo) and this is its perfect cut. Even though the later albums were generally whiny toss, they're all worth a listen because there's usually at least one storming track on there.



    Though I wrote this off as a novelty track at the time, it still stands up ten years later - especially in comparison to the nu-metal shite around back then. Reminds me being a spotty meff in school. So, yeah, thanks Santa.




    A recent-ish one I know. The track is an MOR monster. Its chorus fucks dads.



    6. Sahara Hotnights - Hot Night Crash


    NEW NEW NEW. Kick-ass intro, Patti Smith vocals and hooky chorus. Great stuff; need more. They're from Sweden, apparently. *arches brow*




    All quiet on the Eastern front save for keyboards, bass and percussion. I can forgive Santa for the lack of any meaningful guitar as The Stranglers are class. Sweden, eh? *raises second eyebrow*




    New one to me. Impressive, these guys managed to travel forwards in time, steal The Horrors' schtick (2008-present), travel backwards in time and pass it off as their own, only better. Fuuuuuuu-



    Not my favourite on Surfer Rosa but you could take almost any song off that record and I'd still be sitting here, fully erect.



    Can't stand The Young Knives. Sorry Sants - I listened to it a couple of times out of politeness - but these chumps are AIDS on toast.



    CD gets back on track in spectacular fashion - how the actual fuck have I never heard of Go Betty Go? Thrashing power pop and surprisingly sweet harmonies. Sold. Gotta admit I cheated on my first listen to the CD as I had to play this about six times in a row. Have since acquired their only EP and only album. The EP is punkier than C'mon hints at and the album has more diverse sound than you'd expect from a punk band. Boss to the power of boss.

    ps make more music, cunts.



    Cool-as-fuck intro and swirling reversed guitar goodness from one of the Great Lost Bands. Think I gave the album this is off a few plays when it came out and found it pretty dull (compared to what was around at the time)... might be due a revisit.



    Good work Santa, this was the track which got me into Coxon (can take or leave Blur). What would a Fucking Guitar Flavoured compilation be without a virtuoso player or two?



    Wow this song is a lot shorter than I remember. Everyone knows this one surely - it seems to hang on that riff but for me this is all about the bass guitar. And Courtney's sardonic lyric of course.


    15. Jane's Addiction - Just Because


    Never really dug Jane's Addiction but there's no denying Dave Navarro's got some mad skillz. Thanks for picking the only Jane's Addiction track I know, Santa, you fucking hero.



    Classic track from a classic album.



    Final confirmation this Santa has truly done his homework.



    Well, to say I enjoyed this compilation would be a massive understatement - I've ripped it and lashed it on the Walkman to soundtrack my runs. Damn norovirus.


    Seriously, this was a superb collection of songs (Young Knives excepted) - I'm made up to have finally found Go Betty Go and rediscovered some bands I've been overlooking for too long, in particular Pearl Jam.


    Guess: this has gotta be that Swedish meatdog RiS.

  8. This is such a transparent troll but exposes beautifully the bitchy and jealous nature of woman. This girl:


    Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal.





    is posting pictures of herself on an open profile and doing the flagrant "500 likes and I take off my top" etc. and the pictures are gaining thousands of comments, about 90% of which are from frothing females. Almost all of these are along the lines "i aint jel but <insert jealous & bitchy commment here>". Funny (and wankworthy) as fuck.