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  1. That's boss. I'm 26 and was lucky growing up because my da was bang into his computer games so I inherited an Amiga and we always had a shit hot gaming PC but the Mega Drive was my true love, I even had the Sega Channel (to this day I've never met a single person who had that). Speaking of the Sonics, I never realised - until his death - that Michael Jackson composed the music for Sonic 3. I remember I used to play through to Ice Cap Zone and just leave it playing in the background on a loop because I loved that track (way back in 2000 when I first downloaded Radiohead's Idioteque from Napster my initial reaction wasn't "wow, what an amazing track" but "hey, that's Sonic 3!").


    Props to the paedo, this is an incredible piece of music:




    I stopped 'hardcore gaming' myself from about 17 until only a couple of years ago and have to admit the current gen has been a bag of shite.

  2. Your expertise in being fucking clueless is without equal, as is your criticism of our manager. You must be sitting waist deep in your own bile .


    Just back, in haste.


    I love aways. My first game was away on the Popside, and that thrill has never really gone, when it does I will stop going. It is easy to assume fan message boards,and the sharp, witty, acerbic, good humoured and knowledgeable body of those who follow us, are the same. They are not. No armchair sniping, or ill informed piss-takes, just the verite of what unfolds before your eyes.


    Boundary Park is a proper football ground, and one I had not been to for many years, a welcome change from the PL sanitised offerings. A lunchtime in the pub before wandering down to the ground rolled back the years, the brooding Pennine backdrop could easily be the tombs for Andy Ritchie,Joe Royle and other past Latic royalty watching the new breed.


    Firstly, respect to Brendan for putting out an attacking side. It was great to see Borini, Sturridge, Suarez, Sterling , Allen ( who was very good and took his goal well) and Henderson on the pitch together, and when we went forwards we looked good. Defensively, the story was not so encouraging, a much changed back line looked awkward and uncertain, with Skrts unable to marshall the troops whilst putting in a pretty poor personal performance. Seeing him bullied by a league one forward was embarrassing.Coates enjoyed a deserved start, but a torrid time, with little around him to coax, reassure and guide. Downing had a good go. Stevie g could easily have snatched a replay in the last minute. Ironically the player who we missed today was Andy Carroll, an option not available to Brendan by his own hand.


    Our ball retention was poor, and on this showing Brendan might want to put in a bid for Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan, at least he can hold onto the ball for 40 seconds.


    The FA Cup is not high on the clubs priority list, but nonetheless an exit is a blow to all fans. Rodgers will learn from this, it is part of his learning process, LFC under FSG is all about the league, and this exit will help us with that focus.


    cool story bro

  3. Congratulations Mike D, you appear to have had my childhood.


    Videogame music was way better back then, someone's already posted Lotus Turbo Challenge II but anyone else hear these and get all nostalgic:








    The Lethal Weapon Amiga soundtrack is my second favourite game soundtrack OF ALL TIME (after Spyro).

  4. If this is true then the kid's got some stones: that there is Titus Bramble's patch and you'd have to fancy T-Bram's mong strength in a territorial throwdown.


    Seriously though, are women in the northeast just easier to rape? Legacy of being smashed by the vikings and secretly enjoying it I reckon...

  5. Snatch


    Tuna town

    Mermaid's den




    Boss word that and a tasteful example of the Irish influence on Scouse synecdoche: according to my Cork cousins 'moth' (same pronunciation) refers to their good lady or indeed girls in general, whereas here 'mott' is the receptacle into which we chuck our muck and sometimes tongue if she's lucky. If there's not already an academic paper on the language of fannies/fanny linguistics then some cunt is missing a trick.