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  1. Mate I like the shack


    No mate, you like the shit music.


    Predictably, the usual guitar-based garbage is being thrown up in this thread but if just one person listens to Michael Head Introducing The Strands' The Magical World of the Strands for the first time then it will have all been worthwhile.

  2. Heard the new Sigur Rós album this morning. Fuck me it's fantastic - more abrasive guitars and hooks than you'd expect from them but they've nailed a sound with this record which is still theirs but much more accessible.


    I'd recommend anyone who's never gave them a go to start with this one...

  3. I do a lot of freelance work had loads on this week with a deadline looming and an hellaciously ropey internet connection in my flat to compound matters. With this in mind I headed to the shit-hot new Central Library on Thursday afternoon for some peace and quiet and fast wireless.


    It was pretty quiet given the weather and I had one of these bad boys (but on the secluded external wall behind shelves of books) all to myself. Anyway I'm working away for a couple of hours - no headphones, with it being so tranquil - until one moment someone sits in the seat right next to me. A quick glance to my left reavealed it was a young black girl in a school uniform and she reached over to some discarded books which were by her seat and asked if I was using them. "No go ahead," I reply.


    Now, it wasn't until she sat down in the seat right next to me that I noticed she was holding her blazer and her school blouse was completely undone and her bra pulled down to her belly button: I could see a fat left tit in all its pert glory.


    In the course of a couple of seconds I watched out of the corner of my eye as she reached behind her head with both hands (exposing both boobs), pulled out a bobble and flung it towards my laptop. Holy shit!


    I'm not going to lie, I stiffened up in all senses as I could see where this was headed. I ignored her for a few moments whilst she flicked through the books in front of her and said "There are no nudes in this book. I'm studying art at college and need to draw nudes". She sat there until I turned and said she should cover herself up - by this point she was reclining and her legs were facing me, fully open. She said she was from Uganda and when it was hot all girls in her country went round like this. To my shame, I said this isn't Uganda and it might offend some people her showing her tits off to strangers. She was in a school uniform after all.*


    Now, this is going to sound like even more bullshit but she said they watched a film on sex education in college that day and she was feeling really horny (but tried to qualify it by saying she doesn't go with a lot of boys). What the fuck can I say or do to that?


    What I did was tell her to cover up and let me get on with my work... there was a female library attendant looming about twenty yards away and - though it was never my intention to take this girl into the nearby toilets and smash her senseless, like she blatantly wanted me to - it hastened the outcome. She crossed her legs, slowly and deliberately buttoned her blouse back up all the time complaining that she was covering her best feature (no arguments there) and asking if I wanted to look at porn (damn right).


    She fucked off to the next floor up and - after waiting for my rock-on to becalm - I packed my shit up quicksnap to go outside and get right on the phone to tell whoever I could about what just happened. The consensus amongst my mates is that even though she had a cracking body and it would have been another ethnicity off the to-do list - I did the right thing in not even having a little fumble in the bogs. Bit gay?


    What says the GF? :whistle:



    *she could sense my unease and said she had been kept back a year and was 17, despite the uniform. It was one of those where the tits suggested she might have well been her stated age, but the uniform knocked a couple of years off.

  4. Goes without saying the new Deerhunter record is boss and even Vampire Weekend have pleasantly surprised with their new(ish) direction but the albums of the year for me so far have been:


    Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt







    Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II







    Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse







    spread the wealth chumps.

  5. Was up by the uni earlier and a guy skateboarded past me in a shirt which was principally white but had garish pink neon flower patterns all over it, cords (standard), yellow boots, a red wine beanie and MASSIVE sunglasses. Best of all though: he was sporting a beard and ridiculously out of proportion handlebar muzzie which was also curled.


    Incredible fucking scenes.


    Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal.


  6. It seems that Brendan is managing our expectations down:


    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says not qualifying for Europe will help Premier League chances next season

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says Liverpool would be in a stronger position to challenge the Premier League's top four next season if they fail to qualify for Europe this term.


    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says not qualifying for Europe will help Premier League chances next season - Telegraph


    A certain budgie faced cunt would have been crucified for those quotes.


    Still can't believe he's actually come out and said that; dude has chronic diarrhea of the mouth-hole.


    Rodgapologism is the new Hodgapologism which itself was a direct affront to Rafapologism. It's all a load of old jism.

  7. What does a British one look like?


    A bearded Belsen freak whose clothes were slavishly chosen by a blind man browsing ASOS. Thick rimmed glasses (Native American headdress optional).


    What do they talk about?


    Apple products and music you haven't heard of.


    Do they have a shibboleth?


    The Steve Jobs book is their bible. Audiobook, obviously.


    Why do people hate them?


    They are young and still have their hopes and dreams.


    Now get back under that rock, granddad.