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  1. There were plenty of Merseyside's Finest at the FA Cup semi in 2012 when a kettled swarm of Bitters were doing exactly what the OP describes outside Wembley Central.


    I wouldn't go as far as to say they were enjoying it, but the smug grins and Cheshire accents did make me reflect on the defects in character that would compel a person to become one of 'those people'.


    Police officers: born, not made

  2. Henderson doesn't take penalties though. And that team at the time wasn't full of men and winners. It was our first trophy in six years with players who had never won anything.


    Fowler had a league cup medal from 95; Babbel had won Bundesliga titles and the UEFA Cup (Didi the same); Smicer won the league with Lens; Ziege had titles from all over Europe; Gary Mac had won the league with Leeds.


    Sami, Gerrard, Carra: Had won nothing up to that point but leaders all three.

  3. In the grand scheme of things it's a long way down the charge sheet. But you don't have to be desperate to raise numerous concerns which are more important.


    I know the wife of a widely experienced manager who worked with Brendan. She, and he, told me before the LFC appointment, that his philandering was divisive, allegations which of course may be untrue.


    Now it may well be that his personal life is irrelevant, it may also be that he was trapped in an unhappy marriage. But when you go on national tv spouting forth to your team about how important trust in your family is, it is not unreasonable to question his moral credibility, and to point out that he has severed the security of a long standing relationship at a time when he needs all the wise counsel he can get, rather than credit card bills for Jimmy Choos.


    Do you think Rodgers is a generous lover?