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    Great Documentaries

    Watched the incredible Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills the other week and it's got me on a real documentary film kick. Probably the greatest I've ever seen was Dear Zachary and there have been some top class BBC docs like The Hunt For Britain's Paedophiles and Nazis: A Warning From History. Currently trying to watch as many as possible (the grimmer the better) so any recommendations?
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    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Can't believe it's been nearly a year since them slags smashed into the English Football League it still freaks my nut out to this day
  4. Under-resourced, underpaid and under editorial leadership with no appetite for scrutiny? Those daily 20 Things You Will Not Believe Scousers Say Outside Greggs don't write themselves. Having been on the fringes of that scene for a couple of years in the mid-00s, I just witnessed burnt-out career journalists planning their exit strategies and eager, generally out-of-town, graduates who were willing to churn out any old shit for Trinity until London called. Not to disparage him personally, but it says it all that the Echo's current political editor's most notable contribution to the Fifth Estate is a story about him being 6.2cm tall. I think he won an award for it.
  5. Sloppy as it is, the report at least achieves its aim of making the incompetence/laziness/corruption a matter of public record... but to what end? The city will continue to be crippled by cronyism, just a different flavour.
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    Great Documentaries

    Tiger King. Seven episodes of total madness.
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    We’ve conquered all of Europe

    Was in Cardiff over the Bank Holiday and this was being belted out all over the city centre by Cardiff City fans on Sunday. Bet the England nobheads take it to the World Cup, like Ring of Fire in 2006. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Boxing 2017

    Struggling here too. Anyone?
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    The Sunday Supplement

    What's got four legs, three tits, a massive cunt and no idea about football? The Sunday Supplement breakfast table lolz. Anyone else masochistic enough to endure it every Sunday? I am, and derive no little perverse pleasure from watching these 'journalists' chat endless brown about The Best Players In The World Playing In The Best League In The World. Today Andy Dunce of The News Of The Bascombe - I mean, World - says how "Theo" should step up (now that "He can finally grow a decent beard") and be the player to ease the burden of England's talisman Wayne Rooney. Fair fucks to Shaun Cuntis of The S*n, he did mention Gerrard, though I suspect that was more to be an antagonistic twat than to big-up Stevie. We also had Henry Winter of Clapham Common (and The Daily Telegraph): a man so enamoured of the game he eats balls for breakfast. Listening to his pretentious wordplay and highbrow A-Level Enlish literary references being peppered with "JT", "Lamps", "Stevie G" and the likes is downright hilarious. Plus, the guy's had more pricks than a second hand dartboard. Speaking of dartboards, Brian "Wooly" Woolnough's pockmarked fucking face (yeah, thanks a bunch Sky Sports HD) is only out-grossed by that mahoosive swinging jaw. Dude always looks like he's been garying the night before. Talks like it too. The only I can tolerate seeing is Sam "Wally" Wallace of The Independent, and even that's just to check how much his forehead has grown since the last appearance. Let's see how seriously people take your opinions when you're a slaphead twat, Sammy. Just ask Tony Barrett ;) Why don't Barrett, Evans or the eminently telegenic Bascombe ever appear? Would love to see the latter sat there in his Fisher-Price highchair.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Liverpool launches bid to host 2026 Commonwealth Games
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    Gimp XI

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    Manic Street Preachers

    Got two standing tickets for the Everything Must Go anniversary tour at the Echo on 13 May. PM if interested.
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    Twitter Frank from Shameless shagging Mrs. Doyle. Gross.
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    Rodgers Speaks!

    Still looks like a prize twat
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    Bullshit stories about players

    That story is actually true, except it was Franny Jeffers.
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    Bullshit stories about players

    Every single one about Cristiano Ronaldo's latest "girlfriend"
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    Merseyside Police

    There were plenty of Merseyside's Finest at the FA Cup semi in 2012 when a kettled swarm of Bitters were doing exactly what the OP describes outside Wembley Central. I wouldn't go as far as to say they were enjoying it, but the smug grins and Cheshire accents did make me reflect on the defects in character that would compel a person to become one of 'those people'. Police officers: born, not made
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Moshi is coming Moshi is coming
  19. Fowler had a league cup medal from 95; Babbel had won Bundesliga titles and the UEFA Cup (Didi the same); Smicer won the league with Lens; Ziege had titles from all over Europe; Gary Mac had won the league with Leeds. Sami, Gerrard, Carra: Had won nothing up to that point but leaders all three.
  20. Who says he's not good at penalties? He is captain and central midfield player and should therefore possess the requisite stones and technique. He 'fought' to take this one, for example:
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    Man City - League cup final

    Usually drink in The Torch before but have lost my snorkel for the bogs. Which pub will the TLW lads be in?
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    Brendan Rodgers is our manager

    Best wishes to him and his trophy cunt