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  1. I just enjoyed reading Bascombe's reports a lot more. Of course, hindsight now tells us Houllier and, latterly, Owen were wearing him like a glove but his style was, FOR THE ECHO, largely enjoyable. Also, a minor point but Barrett seemed to try and crowbar too many topical news similes into match reports for my liking. Still, I'm just made up that Cunt (capitalised) Nick Peet didn't get the Liverpool gig. Not that I read the Echo any more, like.
  2. I'd be very surprised if was responsible for that back page to be honest. It's a real shame about what happened* with the squeaky-voiced dwarf fuck, as I think for the Echo he was a much better writer than Barrett. *looks like nobody knows why he has beef with Rafa then :whatever:
  3. chauncey

    Owen to United

    I suppose the old adage is true: Once A Blue... :roll: Fuck Owen, if anything it'll make number 19 even sweeter. wool much?
  4. chauncey

    Owen to United

    someone better find the Tipp-ex It's official according to The Times :roll:
  5. chauncey

    Is Torres the best ever LFC CF

    Couldn't agree more. Although it has to be said Real Ronaldo could easily have held this mantle. I think the amazing number of assists (23) to goals scored (24) in 02/03 is unprecedented (Henry himself never came anywhere near it in any of his years at Arsenal) and it's unfair to be judging Torres by these standards. Judge Liverpool's Number 9 by how many league titles he has under his belt when he leaves the club.
  6. chauncey

    Owen relegated

    Always rated him as a player but never liked him or ever trusted him. Once a blue always a blue and all that... EDIT: :slaps fod: of course, it's McManaman syndrome.
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    Can see why not starting Sami is seen as arlarse by some... However Rafa's clearly not the sentimental type and add to that the fact Reina was in line for the golden glove then it's not all THAT surprising he didn't start with what he believes is the strongest XI to suit that particular game. Besides, it's this pig-headedness which will make us champions soon ;) Why not? The clean sheet record was already gone. Rafa was just teasing the crowd and enjoying the power at that point.
  8. chauncey

    Summer '09 Transfer Speculation Thread

    The only positive to when Barry signs is that he'll have to prove himself all over again. A similar but different position to the one Keane was in last summer as he plays in a different position ;) Regardless of what happens to Xabi, Barry will be under massive scrutiny which itself could pay dividends for us.
  9. chauncey

    Dixon and Keown

    Excellent point, this. One-nil wins when they weren't playing their trademark swashbuckling football :shitsmiley: has made them champions. As for the Dixon and Keown: if Curbishley or some other profile-hungry-out-of-work-manager had been on the panel and picked an XI like those two I'd have been fucking raging. As it was, I just laughed. How I laughed.
  10. chauncey

    Top 100 Video Games Of All-Time

    some big games low down in this, but if Ico isn't in the top three I'll literally shit my cock off.
  11. chauncey

    Teardrop Explodes & Julian Cope

    I used to work with Gary Dwyer who was the drummer. Mad bastards them lot. Kilimanjaro is a belter though.