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    What's your

    Ringtone - Green Hill Zone Message tone - the Metal Gear Solid alert sound
  2. A bearded Belsen freak whose clothes were slavishly chosen by a blind man browsing ASOS. Thick rimmed glasses (Native American headdress optional). Apple products and music you haven't heard of. The Steve Jobs book is their bible. Audiobook, obviously. They are young and still have their hopes and dreams. Now get back under that rock, granddad.
  3. You must have been living under a rock for about five years; hipsters are everywhere.
  4. For the British mid-00s variant, watch Nathan Barley.
  5. chauncey

    Siskel & Ebert

    Just spent a whole day watching these guys' film reviews - brief, incisive and very funny (especially when slating a piece of shit). They were reviewing together for damn near 30 years and some kind fellow has put shitloads of them on Youtube. Highly recommended. *gives two thumbs up* [YOUTUBE]wuqAnAFkR_o[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]Yj52wm7l3zg[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]zozl5Jz85mI[/YOUTUBE]
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    Calling our captain a bumboy faggot buttbitch? Funnneeeee you cracked cunt.
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    Rafael Benitez

    Some crying cunts on here.
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    My word!
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    Bierkeller Liverpool

    Was in Attic lastnight: shite music, wall-to-wall hipsters and aggressive gays. Never again.
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    Bierkeller Liverpool

    Bierkeller is a nightmare. Another vote for Mello Mello here - I also quite like The Belvedere off Falkner St for pints in peace. Maybe I'm getting old but drinking up that end of town is a far more enjoyable experience.
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    I got some great news yesterday

    ♫ Rythm is a dancer Smoking gives you cancer Needles give you HIV Dogs can give you rabies Boys can give you babies That's my nan on ecstasy ♫
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    England 8-0 win

    A bit of blue from xerxes, there.
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  16. dennis tooth is better than you. All of you.
  17. I have decided to take up art, and this was my first attempt.
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    Tottenham (H) - Sunday 10/03/13, 4PM

    When dave u eventually grows his franchise to incorporate TLW Character Top Trumps™ then whoever bags xerxes or dennis tooth will be fucking fathers all over the shop.
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    The Walking Dead Thread (spoilers and zombies inside)

    You're watching a cable show about zombies based on a comic book, it's not meant to be fucking Shoah.
  20. chauncey

    Revenge PM'ers.

    I once received this condescending PM for doing negging: "Like your neg power?;) Even SpiderLucas has admitted to being a bellend now, there's no need to get so defensive on his behalf. I've been enjoying your stuff since you went gold by the way. You definitely work better as someone with something to say than an out and out troll although you retain a similar sense of humour, which isn't entirely out of place. Keep it up." Note the smiley.
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    Gerrard Interview Last Night

    I too heard he was a massive shagger with a taste for other men's wives. Remember how every game without fail he would run around for 90+ minutes wearing his cum face?
  22. chauncey

    The Shield

    The Shield was great - need to watch that shit again. I remember discovering the superb Magnetic Fields through it as well: eo8vW_0H_Kg
  23. [YOUTUBE]8FUdbRO4ZCo[/YOUTUBE] Arsenal 'holocaust' comment lands Tony Cascarino in hot water | Football | guardian.co.uk Should he be sacked for this? Personally I think he should be holocausted, just like Pardew was forced to have sex with men for this comment. Love how Natalie Sawyer actually apologizes to Cascarno for having to apologize for Cascarino. These things are always a risk when an organisation insists on giving microphones to ignorant people.