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    room 101

    1. Lazy and shit threads on internet chat forums. 2. Bjornebye and Captain Turdseye. 3. Rats.
  2. chauncey

    Simon Mignolet

    Newhomo Cinquento. That is all.
  3. chauncey

    What is your quick meal of choice?

  4. chauncey

    Funny Parodies I Made

    Nice teeth.
  5. chauncey

    American Psycho

    The Godfather? Regarding American Psycho, the film is alright (nowhere near as bad as some here make out) but suffers obviously when put up against the source material, which is a near-perfect work of art.
  6. chauncey

    Underrated Albums

    Oh yes. A sleazy, misunderstood record. It's aged a lot better than most of their 90s output.
  7. chauncey

    Underrated Albums

    No mate, you like the shit music. Predictably, the usual guitar-based garbage is being thrown up in this thread but if just one person listens to Michael Head Introducing The Strands' The Magical World of the Strands for the first time then it will have all been worthwhile.
  8. Jurassic Park Robocop Aliens
  9. chauncey

    post a PM!

    This recent unsolicited PM made me laugh: Some strange cats out there.
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    2013 music?

    Heard the new Sigur Rós album this morning. Fuck me it's fantastic - more abrasive guitars and hooks than you'd expect from them but they've nailed a sound with this record which is still theirs but much more accessible. I'd recommend anyone who's never gave them a go to start with this one...
  11. chauncey

    Surreal (sexual) propositions

    Before getting off she laughably accused scousers of being too serious. Trying to make a joke of the fact she had just offered herself up to me. In a library.
  12. No, I am not Liverpool Lad in disguise but I do need a suit dry cleaning for the weekend and can't be hooped venturing out the city centre. Johnsons? Thanks in advance for your help GF: big bare breasts to follow.
  13. chauncey

    New Coral Album

    Haven't heard the Intenders record yet but my mate's brother is in the band so was meant to be going along to the Academy last night. Skelly cried off with a sore throat apparently.
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  15. Was up by the uni earlier and a guy skateboarded past me in a shirt which was principally white but had garish pink neon flower patterns all over it, cords (standard), yellow boots, a red wine beanie and MASSIVE sunglasses. Best of all though: he was sporting a beard and ridiculously out of proportion handlebar muzzie which was also curled. Incredible fucking scenes. Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal.
  16. chauncey

    Where exactly is Zigackly?

    A happy place in his life.
  17. chauncey

    Where exactly is Zigackly?

    This little prick PMs you when you neg him, so my guess is he's in his user cp. Fully erect.
  18. chauncey

    Boston Bomb

    No doy. Stronts was postin puppy porn long before you'd even heard of 4chan imo.
  19. chauncey

    Film advice

    Mordum will get her sopping wet.
  20. chauncey

    World's Best Defenders

    Ashley Williams
  21. chauncey

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    A certain budgie faced cunt would have been crucified for those quotes. Still can't believe he's actually come out and said that; dude has chronic diarrhea of the mouth-hole. Rodgapologism is the new Hodgapologism which itself was a direct affront to Rafapologism. It's all a load of old jism.
  22. chauncey

    Ancelotti - Reds are best

    One who has just admitted he doesn't want us to even play in Europe next season. Christ this thread is depressing.