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    Liverpool FC part company with Dr Zaf Iqbal

    A Roman orgy probably.
  2. By south, you mean south to Wembley? Short memory old man.
  3. Do you think Rodgers is a generous lover?
  4. Grave of the Fireflies Didn't just cry at this film: it left me grief-stricken for days. Couldn't stop thinking about it. It tends to hit guys harder than girls for some reason.
  5. What do you think xerxes - give him more time (if so, how much more)?
  6. chauncey

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    You say "walking contradiction"', I say 'Billy Bullshitter'.
  7. chauncey

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    He's a pompous self-regarding prick but he deserves another season.
  8. chauncey

    Captions for next issue...

    Kenwright attempts to remain incognito when he invites 'the boys' round to watch the match.
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    LFC v Sunderland streams (6/11)

    This one was perfect for me. Some people have more sense than to visit RAWK you ungrateful twat.
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    Jurassic Bark I will freely admit that episode had me crying like a baby.
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    Boxing 2014

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    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    Winner. Can't believe I forgot about this place... First time I went about two years ago one of my mates had to vouch for me - a proper word-of-mouth bar because space is at a premium. It's not the easiest place to find but anyone who enjoys a drop of whisk(e)y should definitely seek it out.
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    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    The Belvedere off Falkner St.
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    Luis Suarez signs new contract

    Now this is a good post in full.
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    2013 music?

    Goes without saying the new Deerhunter record is boss and even Vampire Weekend have pleasantly surprised with their new(ish) direction but the albums of the year for me so far have been: Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt [YOUTUBE]4fBrSbsYt94[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]EmEaIveGJzs[/YOUTUBE] Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II [YOUTUBE]YsTHsXeXnd0[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]M274Cx5CYoQ[/YOUTUBE] Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse [YOUTUBE]PImyTaywu3o[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]dS_d-QD1dOo[/YOUTUBE] spread the wealth chumps.
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    Roy Evans

    Good post. Bit reductionist. I prefer 'Spice Boy era'.
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    Notts County at home

    My season ticket is in the Lower Centenary but I sit in the Kop for cup ties. Why, why was the Kop singing "Who are ya?"[sic] at Notts County? I know they won the Champions League under Nigel Clough, but is there some clever reference here I'm not getting?
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    Everton fans

    The Yew Tree was in Dovecot, not West Derby. Haha!