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  1. DimReaper

    VAR shit show 19/20

    Yes, sorry, you replied to me about this on another thread the other night. I think you're right about this - there's been a change in approach somewhere along the line that, unless I missed it, hasn't really been communicated very clearly. Previously, during the World Cup, Champions League, etc, they seemed to be checking every penalty decision and potential penalty decision and giving/altering a lot of decisions. It seems now that, as you say, they're very rarely going to give a penalty or overrule a ref's decision to give a penalty unless it's very obviously wrong - pretty much indisputably so, if that's even possible. That's where the difficulty now lies - what are the circumstances under which VAR is going to intervene to change a penalty decision? That one City should've had against Spurs when the City player was manhandled in the box, for example - if the ref had given it, it would've stood, but seeing as the ref didn't give it, VAR didn't intervene. On the other side of the coin is the penalty the ref gave against us in the Super Cup, which probably wasn't a penalty, but stood presumably because she'd given it. So, there are still some questions that I have. How "clear and obvious" does it have to be? Is the "clear and obvious" threshold different for penalties that have been given by the ref and situations where a penalty hasn't been given? Ie - if a penalty is given, there's a natural stoppage point at which to perform a VAR check - does that make a difference in the sense that it's more likely that penalties (like Abraham) will be disallowed by VAR rather than given by VAR (the City one)? Is VAR even a universal system or does it vary by competition, etc? To be fair, these questions may have been answered somewhere and I just haven't been arsed to find them. And those examples above aren't even "handball penalty" examples, where the situation is probably even muddier again. There was one I saw this weekend (possibly in the Chelsea v Leicester game) where the ball was hit at a defender's arm from quite close to the origin of the shot during what appeared to be the ball's trajectory towards hitting the target - it wasn't given and VAR didn't step in and give it. What would've happened had the ref given it? I've always said that I don't like VAR making decisions on penalties because it's so subjective and that it wouldn't clear up controversy but would create a different set of controversies. I actually quite like where this new approach to penalties seems to be heading. The checking of every goal for offside and possible infringements, including handball, is pretty clear. If the ball hits an attacking player's hand in the lead-up to a goal, the goal is going to be disallowed, like Jesus's was on Saturday. As someone else said, that's nothing to do with VAR as such - it's a new rule and VAR is just the system that's being used to make what, in the vast majority of cases, is going to be an objective decision. I wonder how close to the goal being scored though that this clause extends. If a player is found to be offside, however marginally, it's going to be disallowed. Every goal is going to be checked for this type of thing, it's got nothing to do with how "clear and obvious" it is. However, even though it's reaching the correct decisions, the negative aspect is that it's unfortunately reducing fans' ability to live in the moment and celebrate properly, which is definitely taking something away from the game.
  2. DimReaper

    Other Football - 2019/20

    They showed a stat there. He's missed 36‰ of his penalties in the PL. Think it might be scored 7 out of 11.
  3. DimReaper

    Other Football - 2019/20

    But it seems to me like something has changed? This isn't the way it had been operating until this season. Almost like they're not really changing any decision unless it's absolutely blatant?
  4. DimReaper

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Does anybody have a clue what VAR is supposed to be doing on penalties now?
  5. DimReaper

    S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

    This is brutally shit
  6. DimReaper

    Brilliant Stuff that Flies Under the Radar

    I actually got a rechargeable electric one of these a year or so back and it's been a revelation for lighting a gas cooker and candles. Tenner well spent.
  7. DimReaper

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    So he shouted it, meaning the group of fans must've been at least a reasonable distance away, and the next thing he knew, he was on the ground? Who hit him? Inspector Gadget?
  8. DimReaper

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

  9. DimReaper

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    Doesn't look like a penalty to me, Refs shouldn't be giving penalties really unless they're 100% sure. VAR was never going to overturn that.
  10. DimReaper

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    Easy, easy, easy!
  11. DimReaper

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    If anyone see Oxlade-Chamberlain, let him know he's meant to be starting tonight
  12. DimReaper

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    Concerning how easily we're giving up chances in these last two games
  13. DimReaper

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    Is Jorginho's name spelt wrong on his shirt? I could've sworn it said "JORGHINO".