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  1. Finished What We Do in the Shadows - pretty good though the joke definitely started wearing a bit thin near the end. Too many episodes but overall I liked it. 7/10
  2. DimReaper

    Women's World Cup

    This has been an unexpected treat
  3. DimReaper

    Charities are becoming annoying cunts.

    I had one at my door a while back, answered the door and at first he was bouncing around like someone who'd necked 3 pills on a night out, acting like he was my best mate, shaking my hand, calling me by my first name, etc and then he abruptly switches to "sad mode" and starts trying to hit me with this video about some blind kid. Ridiculous.
  4. DimReaper

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Liverpool could win the quadruple 7 years running and there'd be Everton supporters saying, "Yeah, but their right back isn't as good as [insert player who plays for Madrid or whatever]".
  5. DimReaper

    European Championship Draft - Final Table - Voting

    I don't know about "harder than it sounds" because it sounds pretty damn hard to me regardless... I mean, using the Anelka example, it would pretty much render him unpickable if you had to eliminate all those teams. I actually think it might be a little bit too hard. And I'm all for hard (oooo errrrr, etc).
  6. DimReaper

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    An "unknown club" - must be Everton then
  7. DimReaper

    Last movie you watched + in my ass

    Enter the Dragon in my ass.
  8. It's a good analogy but, fucking hell, I wish I hadn't pictured it quite so vividly.
  9. DimReaper

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    It's Targett, not Taggart.
  10. DimReaper

    European Championship Draft - Final Table - Voting

    Ah.... So this is why John seemingly randomly announced Mijatovic as one of the best strikers ever on that other thread!
  11. DimReaper

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Blows my mind this. Shopping centres are the worst, I can't get through a trip without wanting to kill someone. People blocking aisles with trolleys for no good reason. People standing talking to other people in aisles, both of whom have trolleys blocking the aisles. People who walk out in front of your car in the car park and just kind of amble across the road nonchalantly. People at the checkout beside you who position their trolley in such a way that you can't get your trolley past. Cunts.
  12. Series 4 of Gomorrah starts on Sky this week, all episodes available.
  13. DimReaper

    Opposite sex deal breakers

    Shit tattoos, especially written ones with a quote like you'd see on a shit calendar. Not being able to spell basic words like "their", etc. Being sarcastic/trying to be funny too often. And the obvious ones like having shit taste in music, TV, films, etc.
  14. DimReaper

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    He seems like a good guy and he was starting to show some form before he got injured but, if true, this seems bizarre to me.