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  1. Steve Holt

    Funny Women

    How has this thread gone this long without this?
  2. Steve Holt

    The Space Thread

    I have a decent telescope. Took a video of Jupiter some months ago. It's nothing special, but I love astronomy and that. Jupiter and the Galilean Moons - YouTube
  3. He told his boss on Monday that he wanted to play and score for his little boy. And he did it. Fair play to him. Strong man.
  4. Steve Holt

    GTA 5 announced

    Yeah I'm sure a R* employee did just that...
  5. Steve Holt

    John Terry? Racist?

    Of course it does. The clear inference is that it is bad to be black. It's being used as an insult. Maybe if he said "You silly black sausage" you could argue it was a term of endearment. But unfortunately for Terry, he called another professional a "fucking black cunt". There is not a word in there that is meant any way other than negatively.
  6. Steve Holt

    GTA 5 announced

    I'll still love it like I loved SA. But please none of that Gangsta' shite. That whole sub-culture is fucking shite. Give me more Mafia. Give me 1980s Miami with Colombian drug cartels and Cuban crimelords and plenty of salsa music on the radio and everyone driving top-down convertibles, lots of islands, like a proper archipelago, with the Everglades and fucking Gators swimming about in the swamps.
  7. Steve Holt

    GTA 5 announced

    Yeah GTA IV was funny as hell. Maybe not so much the characters, but there was still shit loads of humour on the radio, the tv, the posters and signs, the internet and pedestrians. One gripe I had was that the music was a bit shit. Nothing will ever beat VC's radio for me, but IV could have been much better for that.
  8. Steve Holt

    Slow Website

    Those Sure adverts are right cunts. They slow the whole page down. Takes an age to scroll down because of them.
  9. Steve Holt

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    What a load of unadulterated shit that article is. Marina Hyde talks some nonsense, but that's up there with the worst of it. We're reacting to the fallout from an incident during one of the most watched sporting events in the world wherein a player makes an allegation of racism but somehow none of the dozens of cameras trained on the pitch and players, beaming HD pictures all over the globe, managed to pick a single instance of the "more than ten" occurrences which the accuser immediately claimed could be seen on television. I'm sorry, but for us to think there is something fishy about that is perfectly fucking normal. And who the fuck is she to say that false accusations of rape or racism are any less despicable than the acts themselves? That's utter bullshit. People who are found guilty of that kind of thing should be harshly dealt with imo.
  10. Idiots carry knives. No exception.
  11. Steve Holt

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

    By the end on Oblivion, I had five items with Chameleon enchantment. So whenever I went into a dungeon I could equip that shit and be totally invisible. Came in handy in some of the harder mines and such.
  12. Steve Holt

    Battlestar Galactica

    Your loss. The Religious stuff was more related to Greek Mythology than Christianity. I thought it was interesting.
  13. Steve Holt

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    No way he's 5ft 8. He makes Luis look a giant here.
  14. Steve Holt

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    Fuck sake he's attacking that black guy! How have we never known about this?!