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    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Facebook already tried making a cryptocurrency and they got slapped down hard by regulators. It's probably why he's pivoted to the Metaverse narrative. There's no way any big company tries that again anytime soon.
  2. Gooch

    NFTs , the metaverse, Web 3.0

    The NFT stuff I find pretty interesting and touched on it in the Bitcoin thread awhile back. I think the idea has legs, but it's been shoved into the public sphere too early, attracting all sorts of bad actors/scrutiny in the process. I think given time it can evolve into something more useful in a world where the idea of owning anything seems to be dying.
  3. Gooch


    They’re not, majority of people who eulogise her don’t even seem to live in New Zealand. She is used like everything else as some sort of political football between the left and right. Her popularity is on the wane in the actual country and this won’t help.
  4. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I was being flippant, but overall prices are still way up with plenty of room to fall. Not a good spot here now to be too bearish in the short/medium term but hard to not look at practically every chart and realise its fucked completely on the longer time frame save for a handful of very small caps, look at something like SOL as an example. Wouldn't be touching that until $40 at least. Things have got significantly harder over the the past 3/4 months. If you're coming in now to invest long term and HODL etc you are going to get destroyed. You need to dedicate a lot of time now to make any money let alone the big returns and even then no guarantees.
  5. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    ETH at under $1k, send the rest of the trash to zero. There is nothing thats worth holding long term even at these prices, can play the bounce I guess but thats it.
  6. Gooch

    Golf - 2022

    Seeing what these types of shows has done to F1 doesn't feel me with confidence with where this is going. More manufactured WWE lite ''drama" to feel the need to be 'entertained' at every waking possible moment.
  7. Gooch

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I don't think he is surviving this. The tories are fed up and the polls are turning against him, this will just make things worse. He's becoming too toxic in the same way Trump did. You can keep saying that people will just forget about this but its not showing in the polls. They are fed up of being taken the piss out of and a couple of loons on twitter defending him doesn't change that. The tory power brokers can see it coming and has been said theres probably plenty more ammo in the locker.
  8. Gooch

    Other Football 2021/22

    Kane absolutely manhandled in comparison to Silva there and doesn't get anything. The lack of any remote consistency on decisions is just incredible.
  9. Gooch


    Just finished up season 3. Still as good as ever and still the best show on tele by a mile. Set up really nicely for next season. Kendall party was the highlight for me. Was brilliant. Can’t wait for next season.
  10. Gooch

    Would you go to uni...

    With COVID around absolutely not. Was worth it for the social side of things/shagging around alone. Couldn’t care less about the ‘debt’ and not sure why it factors in much. No obligation to pay it back unless you’re earning well even now. Getting rid of maintenance grants was the real kick in the balls but missed that by a few years. Job prospects wise is barely worth it as others have said unless a proper specialist type degree
  11. Gooch

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Yeah things definitely seem to be taking a turn a bit. I don't think he's as made of Teflon as some people are making out at the moment. A lot of the shit he's overseeing is angering the exact type of person you'd associate with the Boris brand/cult, as well as the usual suspects. He's in danger of becoming so toxic the same way Trump blew it and Starmer could end up winning by default like Biden did.
  12. More like European football in general at the moment. There’s a real opportunity to rack up a couple of European cups given our quality and the standard across Europe. They are nowhere near the required standard and 99% of them would get hammered by most of the top half of the Prem.
  13. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I chose that as that is (roughly) when this bull cycle started which I think is fair. Not every coin has to blast past ATH necessarily. Even those coins, if you bought at around bottom, would still be a great return at this stage (but underperformed rest of the market). There could still be another leg up (although becoming less convinced as time goes on) but if you buy now you are most likely buying people's 50/100x bags. Could you still make money? Yes you could, but my main point is that you are not early and things are not just getting started. They have been running for awhile and there's a better argument to be made that things have peaked if anything. Although again, wouldn't rule out a final leg up.
  14. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    You could throw at dart blindly at any alt coin and it’s probably up at least 50-100x from 18 months ago if that’s not mental then I don’t know what is. It is the late stage of the game now make no mistake.
  15. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I think it's a pretty safe bet that Solana will survive a bear market along with AVAX. Would look to buy bottoms on them and ETH when the time comes. Whilst BTC will drive the market, it will not offer anything like the gains you can get on the other coins.
  16. Gooch

    Other Football 2021/22

    A respected French football journo going in hard on twitter spaces right now with some wild accusations about French football/FIFA. Translation of them in the link below. Not heard of the guy but doesn't look like he has a reputation as a bullshitter at all. Interesting to see if anything comes of it. https://mobile.twitter.com/ActuFoot_
  17. Gooch

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Anyone watching this Rafiq questioning? Does feel like a bit of a watershed moment. Pretty damning stuff.
  18. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    People need to pile and make the money first and then give it all back in the crash. Don't think we're at that point yet, but you're right it is coming. Would give it 6 months personally.
  19. Gooch

    Milton keynes: shite or good?

    I did have a nose through a while back and saw that she worked in the cock at one point, which I used to go for a drink in a fair amount. Yet to have the pleasure of coming across her though.
  20. Gooch

    Milton keynes: shite or good?

    Coming up to 2 years in Stony Stratford now and couldn't see myself anywhere else at the moment, think it's great and has everything you could want in a town with the majority of it in walking distance. Can understand some people's reservations about the city center but there are some very nice towns like Stony surrounding it and its handy to have within a short driving distance for travel/shopping etc.
  21. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Missed out on about $50k not taking a plunge on a dog coin that I'd been eyeing for ages, missed my buy and went 2x and I left it as didn't want to buy something that doubled. Its done a 35x since.
  22. Gooch

    Are we, as a nation, becoming hysterical?

    We already have but it's not just us it's a global thing driven by social media. It thrives on it. Everything is 'chilling', 'disgusting' etc and it ends up just dulling your senses to whats actually wrong in the world.
  23. Gooch


    I've seen some stuff about taxing the land that assets sit on rather than the assets themselves as a means of capturing more revenues. I guess the idea being that you can't just offshore land onto some dodgy island the way you can various assets and that it would also help curb property speculation. I haven't read up on it in awhile though but a lot of people smarter than me seem to swear by it as a way forward.
  24. Gooch

    Upcoming Films

    I'm looking forward to the batman. Supposed to be going to down a more detective/thriller route than any of the previous ones apparently and the talent is top draw. Think there's plenty of scope for it to make its own mark.
  25. Gooch

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    NFT's as a concept is here to stay as well, although I have traded them horribly overall, but theres no denying people have made some ridiculous gains from them. The tech itself is super interesting as well, only the start for it.