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    They've morphed into the 1976 East German synchronised swimming team. # Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? # Er, no love, frankly I'd be very disappointed.
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    TLW Deathpool 2020

    Michel Hidalgo, who managed the likes of Platini, Tigana and Giresse in the great France teams of the early 80s, has died at the age of 87.
  3. This. I never really got into Cheers either but it's obvious that it was very well written and brilliantly played.
  4. I liked what I saw of Arrested Development but like I said about Seinfeld, Frasier is sitcom royalty. I loved the fact they never had anybody play the Maris character because she's described in such a freakish way throughout that it would be an insult to any actress to actually portray her.
  5. Never watched Rules of Engagement so Happy Days gets the vote by default. It's probably better than I'm rating it but I never really got into it.
  6. Never really watched Phil Silvers. It was just him playing the Sergeant Bilko character as far as I know. Seinfeld is sitcom royalty.
  7. It's cooler to say that Curb... was better than Friends. That was definitely true in places, especially in the writing, but Friends has an enduring appeal and it was genuinely brilliant at times.
  8. Like most on here, the UK version of The Office is preferred to the US version. John Lithgow was brilliant in 3rd Rock..., and it was in the right TV slot back then (early evenings).
  9. It's Always Sunny... is better but Scrubs had some very funny moment too.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Nil Vitalite Nisi Maxell.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Would have been tricky since they didn't qualify for it until after winning Serie A in 1988. Our 1987/88 side was stronger than the one in 1988/89, although that one was also hampered by a hectic schedule following Hillsborough. They were running on fumes by the time the Arsenal game came round.
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    Youtube clip of the day

    Remember, you can still stay in shape while you are self-isolating. (Just keeping watching!)
  13. I haven't actually read that many of them, and probably none since I was about 10 or 11.
  14. Trumo

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Wiktoria Gąsiewska.
  15. The thing about Jimenez is that, while he is a very solid defender, he doesn't seem all that suited to playing in a high defensive line. Atletico don't play that way, and neither do Uruguay so we'd either have to alter our set-up completely, or he would have to adjust his game to suit us. Leipzig do play with a higher defensive line so Upamecano should have less of an adjustment to make, but it's whether he can make the step up. I've never seen Bastoni play, but Conte likes to set up his teams with a back 3 and wing-backs, which is something Klopp doesn't do, so again there is a need for adjustment.
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    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Jacqueline Piñol.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Don't want Joao Mario anywhere near the team.
  18. So he would make a perfect addition but he's being advocated as a replacement? I might be wrong, but to me that doesn't make him a perfect addition.
  19. Trumo

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    He looked like he was in his 50s or 60s at least when 'The Gambler' came out, and that was back in 1978!
  20. Dads Army might be deemed a classic but I could never get into it at all. Phoenix Nights is Peter Kay at his best (ie, not doing stand-up).