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  1. I think Babel's problems are down to self-belief rather than "attitude". It's not that he doesn't care, it's that he lacks the hunger to kick on to the next level. It's not an attitude thing, but he hasn't yet shown he wants to take games by the scruff of the neck. I don't know if it can be coached or not, but it HAS to come from him. I do find it strange that we have the perfect mentor already at the club. Although not a similar player in any way, Dirk Kuyt has taken it upon himself to try and make an impact in matches, even though he is being asked primarily to stay out wide. Maybe that has come from experience.
  2. Not sure. I thought he joined on a 5 or 6 year deal, so maybe 4 years left. He doesn't deserve half as much stick as he gets from our fans. Clearly he took time to settle and is aware of his weak points, and has worked hard to correct them. What he has always done well is keep play ticking over for us. I know sometimes he looks for the sideways pass instead of the attacking one, but his role has been to retain possession. It's crucial to note he wasn't asked to focus so much on this when at Gremio, where he was more box-to-box, but lost the ball an awful lot more. The coaching team are trying to add a dimension to his game. You often see youth coaches ask players to do something different, or play them out of position, to try and add to their game. What he should now has is the ability to retain position, as well as the ability to drive as a box-to-box midfielder. We saw a few times how he made runs into the box regularly, often beyond the forwards. At both PSV and West Brom he could have scored goals. OK, the opposition defensively was not great, but it's a useful asset for Liverpool to have, particularly against "park the bus" teams. On the whole I am happy with his development, and he clearly has added a physical edge to his game. The only areas where he needs sharper improvement are tackling and shooting. He seems so tentative with his tackling that he regularly ends up tripping his opponent instead. He also needs to put his lace through the ball a bit more when shooting. Thankfully, the collective ability of our other midfielders should sort him out. Give the guy a chance and we will be rewarded. Remember, similar players like Darren Fletcher or Jon Obi Mikel are more important to their teams that you think.
  3. I still think a preliminary round would be better, precisely because the likes of Andorra and San Marino haven't sufficient depth to challenge at international level. Getting tonked 6-0 every time does them no favours. Look at Andorra, who spent 99% of the match camped in their own half. At least if these sides have to compete in their own group, they have a chance to score positive results. In a group of 6, the top 3 would move into the main qualifying draw, on merit. UEFA have a duty to these federations to help with funding for things like travel and accommodation, so these nations wouldn't have that financial gap to plug. Having a chance to win games would help motivate them no end. On an important note, it would also help reduce the international fixture calendar. If this plan is put in place for the 2014 World Cup, then as I said before, these games would have to be played before December 2011 (when the main qualifying draw takes place). The six teams would be the six lowest ranked teams at, say, April or May 2011.
  4. Trumo

    Franck Ribery

    Maybe not top 6, but certainly within the top 50. You sure you've not been watching the Neville sister instead?
  5. Trumo

    Official: Ronaldo gone to Real for £80m

    It's probably more like 25% of season 1's salary each season. In six years time, he would have disappeared so far up his own arse, there might already be a mutually agreed termination of his contract. In that sense, it's win-win for Real. He can then while away his days at Club Tropicana, when apparently the drinks are free.
  6. Trumo

    Which player do you most play like?

    ifithadnebeenferkneeinjury, I would have songs sung about me containing the words "He drinks Sangria". I was a l'il Luis back in the day, right down to the frustrating inconsistency and the "piss your own teammates off for 89 minutes before popping up with the winner." Also, I can still shoot from halfway. Actually, I have a left foot to make Maradona weep.
  7. While he has a point, he said it in entirely the wrong way. Par for the course with ITV then. Their commentators and pundits frequently make statements without backing them up. So I'll have a go. I think it could be an idea for these lesser nations to compete home and away against each other in say, a 6-team group. This group would be like a preliminary stage, where the top three teams go into the hat for the main qualifying draw. I am aware there are drawbacks: (1) These nations are deprived of games against better opposition, so how can they improve standards? UEFA can help out by subsidising costs such as travel and accommodation, to even things out. (2) When does this preliminary stage start? At the moment, qualifying draws take place the December before a major tournament (we will know the Euro 2012 qualifying groups this winter), so these matches would have to take place then. If this were to happen for say World Cup 2014, then perhaps the preliminary stage would have to be played around summer 2011, so the World Cup qualifying draw can be made in December 2011. I can't think of a way round point 1, other than it removing as many mismatches from the qualifying stage for the better nations. The lesser nations would have work hard to be in the mix, therefore "earning the right". Hope this helps. Anyway, they do something similar in the CONCACAF region.
  8. Trumo

    Jimmy Greaves

    Looks like ITV only got him on because of the whole "Saint & Greavsie" thing. I think even they were expecting him to drop a bollock. He didn't disappoint. Speaking of Saint & Greavsie, I once won a mug for entering a comp on that show. 20 years on, I still have it somewhere.
  9. Trumo

    Summer '09 Transfer Speculation Thread

    You think Naughton's ready for top-flight football?
  10. Trumo

    Rick Parry

    So they are talking to themselves, whilst somewhere in the Caribbean, "Garcon. Another pina colada if you will."
  11. Trumo


    Got beat 2-0 by Ecuador. Tevez missed a penalty, and they apparently missed some great chances before 2 brilliant goals from Ecuador. Did anyone watch the game? Obviously the result not withstanding, how did they do? I'm guessing Argentina selected more home based players to try and counter the effects of altitude. Add to that the fact that Europe based players are coming off the back of a long season.
  12. Trumo

    The only films I've ever seen

    Based on his recent threads, he could add "Harold & Maude" to his collection.
  13. Trumo

    Setanta screwed?

    That's a blessing in a way because the Bundesliga commentator is shit. You could counter by watching with the sound off, but half the time you don't even have the picture.
  14. Trumo

    real bbq

    You want someone else's meat inside of you?:whistle: I suppose you could go to Argentina for an asado. A firm favourite of the gauchos.
  15. Trumo

    Milan in decline?

    I wouldn't go as far as to say Milan are in decline. I understand they have some financial troubles (may or may not be related to Berlusconi's empire), but they have a far greater stability than many clubs in general. They have remained loyal to a few faces for too long though. Not that there is anything wrong with it when the players have served them well. It's saying something when the regular line up for the past 9 years or so has included Dida, Maldini, Kaladze, Gattuso, Ambrosini, Pirlo, Seedorf and Inzaghi, with the likes of Favalli in the squad also. They do need to overhaul their squad, and the money raised from Kaka's sale will go some way towards doing so. They wouldn't get enough money clearing the above named to be able to replace them with similar quality.
  16. I made this same point a few pages back.
  17. Trumo

    Horror recommendations

    If you want something new, try "Drag Me To Hell."
  18. Trumo

    Sex toys liberate women. Discuss.

    You might be onto something if the title was Sex toys LUBRICATE women. Discuss.
  19. Trumo

    Cricket Twenty 20 World Cup

    Back on topic. South Africa successfully defended a modest total to win by 1 run. They have the right balance in fielding, and a strong aggressive batting order. Regarding Aussies gloating when they win. It generally happens when a country dominates in any sport, so no big deal for me. Do you not find media coverage loathsome when England do well in any sport? When it's England v Germany in anything, out come the war references. Gets right on my tits.
  20. Said it before. No-one in soaps stays in to watch a soap.
  21. Trumo

    aLl u nEw pEEps

    Leave off. It make a change from talking about sex toys, mini eggs, the BNP and granny shaggers. Now there's a thread!
  22. Trumo

    Summer '09 Transfer Speculation Thread

    Would be more worrying if he had no sun cream.
  23. Trumo

    Rafa: We've got enough money

    He made such an impact with the reserves in 2007/08 that many were expecting big things from him. He has just suffered from "second season syndrome" as well as too many injuries. In a way I agree with you in that last season he didn't appear to be giving his all when he did play. Not sure if this was down to a lack of fitness, lack of confidence or whether he was getting too big for his boots.
  24. I supposed Rash would be upset if they changed the name from "Academy" to "la Cantera"?
  25. Trumo

    Ashley Young

    Good player, but always seems to shoot his load before March is out. (Don't come back with any mucky inuendo):|