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  1. 1 hour ago, skend04 said:

    Silly cow. Should have maybe realised this before she started with this Lexit shite. Numerous Labour MPs and members  just as culpable as the Far Right for the job losses and food shortages coming up.


    The cunt was born in Germany as well, so I bet she has her passport application ready. 

    The little people will pay the price of brexit and some stupid cunts will claim that this is what they wanted all along. Same stupid cunt will vote these shysters back in again ( yes I know she was Labour ) but a cunt is a cunt no matter what colour rosette they wear 

  2. 5 hours ago, dave u said:


    Was it broken down into two amounts, the tax and the admin? Mine just says the figure of £22, which I'm assuming is £10 for the tax and then the £12 they added on.


    So by that logic I'd only have to pay a tenner, which I still begrudge paying on general principle, but if it keeps them from handing it debt collectors then I suppose I have to bite the bullet.


    I tried contacting them through their website, but I couldn't because it wouldn't let me complete the contact form without some reference number which they didn't provide on the letter.


    Mine was broken down. Like a proper invoice, but the 2nd one they sent wasn’t. I still had the original so knew what it was. 

  3. I had this the other week when my lad bought a hoodie from the states. 

    apparently you have no choice but to pay the tax element, but unless you have expressly agreed on the admin fee (£12 if I remember) you can tell them to fuck off. 

    I emailed them, made it clear I wasn’t paying the £12 and asked for an amended bill. They sent one a week later for the lower amount. 

    apparently, they have already paid the tax in order to get it through customs and they add the £12 on for their inconvenience. 


  4. 3 hours ago, Scooby Dudek said:

    They also set the agenda of what is important. 

    Public sector pay freeze, billions given to friends, no correlation reported.


    The bullying issue will be mentioned briefly on the politics programs over the weekend, then never again. Labour will be told to move on.

    Dianne Abbot got some figures wrong in 2015, yet we still mention that whenever incompetence comes up.

    And she had a bevvy on a train. And Milliband can’t eat a bacon butty. 

    its fucking appalling what the Tory cunts get away with, what we let them get away with and that the majority of the press actually enable them by telling us who to get angry with. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, Barrington Womble said:

    I'm accepting of the idea we've gone with Adrian and while he's shite, is he much shitter than the keeper at the other end today and he's their 1st choice and England's number 1? 

    So it’s ok that our keeper is shit as long as theirs is?