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  1. You need to watch this vastly underrated TV show. It aired on HBO from 1992 to 1998 and has since been buried by history. Probably because it was way ahead of its time. It's about a neurotic talk show host and the machinations and depravity that goes on every night behind the cameras. This is all woven in with the live footage of his show which features an endless parade of 90s celebrities playing petty, twisted, and probably brutally honest versions of themselves. Not to mention George Sr from Arrested Development plays the hilariously deplorable sidekick Hank "Hey Now" Kingsley. It all makes for a time machine into the 90s with such merciless, biting cynicism that it seems far more modern than most shows on the air today. Ladies and gentlemen... Larry Saaanders!
  2. llego

    Liverpool & China

    By all accounts this isn't premature. How do you feel about the IMMINENT ownership of LFC by a Chinese government fund?
  3. llego

    Gerrard to return?

    LA is a fucking cesspool. The last place on earth Id live. Trust me I tried it for 6 months. The place is built for cars, not people. And its full of fake consumerist wannabe stars. And swedish musicians making english pop hits. Its horrible.
  4. llego

    Gerrard to return?

    Im still sore at Gerrard for coming on in the match against Man Utd and getting sent off right away, after which the wheels fell off that season.
  5. llego

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    To be fair despite his abysmal first touch and the ease with which he was getting turned, he can whip in a good cross and did on several occasions, often from an awkward position his first touch had put him into... A fine crosser of the ball if nothing else.
  6. llego

    Other football

    Ryan GiggsI once saw Ryan Giggs in HMV in Manchester Market Street. Looking through the Ryan Giggs calendar. I kid you not. 70114usa
  7. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Links to pressers rewarded with genuine afterlife redeemable karma.
  8. llego


    That one tackle where he sprinted back to make a two footed lunging block in our penalty box summed it up. He was boss all game though he did show his limitation in passing and his tendency to get caught in possession once or twice. That's part of the package, and at the moment, its a great overall package.
  9. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    I did for many years, cant really justify it anymore... Wasnt it common for the roman emperors to throw big public feasts and parades after great victories, humiliating their vanquished enemies? Show us a conqueror's generosity, Dave.
  10. llego

    Christian Benteke

    Really wins almost every knockdown doesnt he... and composure and talent to boot. Could be a highly effective player in the right system.
  11. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Officially calling on Dave U to celebrate this occasion with a publicly available match report. Come on Dave. We all deserve to share in your tectonic gloatgasm.
  12. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    In retrospect, all those comparisons to David Brent were pretty spot on..
  13. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    My stream cut out before Klopps presser anyone got a link?
  14. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Oh my. The mourniho press conference. Can it get any better?
  15. llego

    Philippe Coutinho

    Nothings quite as fun as a coutinho goal though. He doesnt score normal ones. Probably why he doesnt score so often...
  16. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Love your confidence. He can cross to himself.
  17. llego

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    This is pretty much what the MF is like most of the time.
  18. llego

    Emre Can

    Strongly disagree. In the 3-4-3 we often see our CBs have the most time on the ball and looking to pass the ball forward into midfield. When Kolo Toure has time on the ball and looks to pass it forward into the midfield bad things happen. That link between defence and midfield is key and having a genuine ball player in defence is a very good idea. I think putting Can back there is a great move.
  19. llego

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis) At 1.3 meters average altitude this fast flying and undoubtedly very fit bird evades all but the most modern radar installations. Though there are rumors of Israeli antimissile systems successfully tracking Coracias Benghalensis these are unconfirmed and probably invented by the Iranians in a grotesque attempt at radar satire (not to be confused with radio satire which is outlawed in Iran because radios are outlawed in Iran). Expect a statement from President Putin before lunch, Kamchatka time. He considers himself an expert on fit birds and radar systems and has notified his aides to notify him immediately when anything is said on the subject so he can add his 2 rubles (significantly less than 2 cents).
  20. Enlighten us o prophet of teeth
  21. llego

    Mario Balotelli

    Isnt the formula (number of goals scored for LFC in premier league that season)/2 + 1? Only white girls though.
  22. llego

    January Transfer Window 2015

    And will we buy 3 more Lovrens with it? If so Im excited!
  23. llego

    January Transfer Window 2015

    Lallana is a good buy ya poopyhead
  24. A title like that deserves a little explanation so hear me out. Since I started seriously dating a wonderful girl for the first time in several years, Ive felt unusually wholesome and healthy where sexual matters are concerned. I stopped watching porn and I dont miss it. Ive stopped wanking every day or more out of boredom. My performances in the sack have been fairly steadily improving. But theres a big logistical issue- I live two hours away from her and we usually only see each other on weekends. We do loads of active stuff together all day and when night comes, given that theres also a full work week behind us, we are both pretty tired. So the window of opportunity is pretty small, and the sexy times are limited to once or twice a week. That means theyve gotta count! Now true love and rapturous physical symbiosis notwithstanding, if I havent splooged all week the lovemaking will be short and not so sweet. Thats a fact of life as far as Im concerned. This has lead to an ever more frequent situation where I find myself at work, in some building in NY (I work on film shoots so its usually a different one every day), and Im going to be seeing the lady later that night. And I need to clear out my balls or sexy time will be ruined. Hence hunkering down in some shit covered toilet stall at 2 in the afternoon, with grunting shitting farting men 3 feet away from me behind a thin wall, their fecal smells wafting over me as I clench my eyes shut, think of titties and furiously try to rub one out into the toilet bowl, feeling an awful lot like a 15 year old. Anyone know where Im coming from? No pun intended.