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  1. The Great Jacko

    The GF book thread

    V12 Robert Harris 1/10 Utter garbage, one dimensional characters and simple A-B plot - one of the worst books I've ever read. I was so disappointed. I've only read one other book by Harris which was Conclave which I quite liked as I read it after watching The 2 Popes on Netflix which was very good indeed. Even Conclave was poorly written though. I guess Harris gets such a good press because he's British and writes historical fiction with some reasonable research? Otherwise it's unfathomable. This book is so bad it actually annoyed me. Thursday Murder Club Richard Osman 6/10 By the numbers murder mystery. No idea why it's been such a huge seller other than people think the author is a nice man. The Force Don Winslow 8/10 Really good US cop drama where the lines of corruption are blurred. Interestingly I was speaking to a mate who was a former senior cop in London and he said this was how things were here up until recently to some degree (excluding the shooters - you slaaag) Box 88 Charles Cummings 9/10 - Now here is a spy thriller - I tried Slough House but it was too cliched for me. Cummings writes excellent spy thrillers and this is his latest which I adored and is not part of a series. The Goldfinch Donna Tartt 10/10 The best book I've read in years. I also loved The Secret History which was her other big success. This is hard to describe but is the fascinatingly brilliant story of a boy/young mans life. Seriously just read it. If The Dead Rise Not Philip Kerr 8/10 One of the Bernie Gunther series of detective Noir books set in 1930-1950's Germany (mainly). This series of books is outstanding and I would recommend to anyone who likes detective/spy/thriller/historical fiction.
  2. The Great Jacko

    September Spiders

    Jesus H Fuckin Christ we’ve been invaded. Had a couple of big fuckers over the last month which isn’t a good sign. I’d just finished knocking one off in my study as I needed cheering up after the Fury “fight”, when I turned around and there was a big bastard curled up on the carpet. Lucky he was dead, I breathed a fuckin sigh of relief. Not sure if I stood on it without realising or one of the cats got it. Opened the door to the hall and its fuckin big angry fuckin brother was outside waiting for me. This one was huge, as big as they get. Seriously enormous. I got the biggest book I could find and slammed it on the buggers head. Then, because I’m the world best husband I went and woke the Mrs to get her to check it was dead. It was and was so big it made a mess of the carpet. She also cleaned the one up in my study although she complained that the room smelt weird, a bit musky - I told her that must be spider guts cause it definitely isn’t spunk, definitely not. Read my lips - not spunk.
  3. The Great Jacko


    The best is Tanqueray Sevilla (Orange) with Fever Tree Aromatic frickin Tonic. How fuckin poncy is that and it's still not orgasmic
  4. The Great Jacko


    To be fair I've has 4 doubles tonight and posted in the wrong fuckin forum.I should be shooted.
  5. The Great Jacko


    So what's the deal with this then? Loads of bars advertising dozens of variety of gin. Served in big glasses now. Had a great Gin at Rick Steins recently, then an OK one. Been experimenting at home and can't replicate the good one I had- they all taste of gin. If I get a flavoured Vodka I can really taste the flavour. But with gin, whether I get Orange, Raspberry or something else it really tastes of gin. I've bought the big glasses, fill with ice, sometimes a bit of orange, mint or raspberry, 1/4 or 1/3 gin, multiple fucking types of fever tree and everything still tastes the same. WTF is going on?
  6. The Great Jacko

    The GF book thread

    As above - this is the first of quite a long series of books - he also writes many one off books - Tell No One is the most famous due to a decent (French) film that was made of it.
  7. The Great Jacko

    The GF book thread

    Yes read most of his stuff. Have you read anything by Harlan Coben? I think he’s better tbh, very similar concepts though with great sense of humour.
  8. The Great Jacko

    Where are you watching the game?

    Am in Orlando on hols. Gonna watch in NBC Citywalk. Asked and they said they are showing the game, no need to book as won’t be busy she said....
  9. The Great Jacko

    Chelsea Away

    Reminded me of the Seville game, too many backwards passes, too many touches, too slow passes. Utter shit.
  10. The Great Jacko

    GF music review club

    I've recently discovered Macklemore. Love his albums with Ryan Lewis. Love Downtown, et al. Great video as well. Modern day Eminem in terms of white boy making melodic hip hop. I'm checking out the Beatles soon I've heard they're gonna be huge.
  11. The Great Jacko

    The GF book thread

    I keep an eye on Kieron’s work as I like to see video game reviewers do well (Gary Whitta is the other one, writing Hollywood screenplays). Ive often wondered how lucrative writing succesful comics is. Do you get the feeling its a decent living like say being an accountant or is it £100k’s per year? Sorry to be vulgar
  12. The Great Jacko

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Blade Runner 2049 - 9/10 I'm not a fanboy of the original but the new one blew me away. I loved everything about it, the story, the cast, the soundtrack and it is beautifully shot - just excellent.
  13. The Great Jacko

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    The Sanchez money has gone nuts - there was talk of a £30m signing on fee..plus £35m to Arsenal, £5m+ to his agent (bear in mind Chelsea paid Barkley's agent £7m), plus 4 yr contract of £70m+ makes this £140m+ The only justification is that he is worth £80-100m in todays market (more if he was younger) - but no ones getting a bargain if they sign him and he'll have zero onward transfer value which makes it risky if you decide want rid after a couple of yrs as no one will be able to pay his wages.
  14. The Great Jacko

    The GF book thread

    Can anyone recommend some good spy thrillers please? I'm reading Charles Cumming's books and really like them but I'm nearly through them now. I used to love Tom Clancy back in the day, I've bought a Stella Remington and read I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes which was brilliant. Also read the first 2 Smiley books by Le Carre. Thanks