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  1. I can't stand either one of them and I hope Money Launderers FC never win anything ever again. Vamos Villareal!
  2. kalasoma

    Kobe Bryant

    Jesus. Madness for real. Rest in power Black Mamba.
  3. kalasoma

    Roberto Firmino

    For balance, I said that about Belgian goalkeepers as well.
  4. kalasoma

    Life after Jürgen

    You were right.
  5. ...and don't forget to roll the 'rrrrrr's RRRRRemontAda!
  6. Yeah, so I'm watching this match again. I've stopped counting now.
  7. That has to be one of the more poetic commentaries I've ever heard. I got emotional. Up there with (or ever so slightly above) Peter Drury for me.
  8. kalasoma

    Dirk Kuyt photoshop special - breaking records

    Dude! I've been busy this term. I haven't managed a single away trip. I couldn't even get across James Street to the Liver Building yesterday!
  9. It's five on one hand and then the middle finger for the sixth. That's how I'm doing it for the parade and next season. Up the glorious, victorious reds!
  10. kalasoma

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Not a bad performance except maybe too cautious. I thought we were really good in the first half and then fell asleep a couple of time. Put the ball on the inside of the posts more. On to the next one.
  11. kalasoma

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    Got damn if we get this over the line, next season I’ll need a pacemaker.
  12. kalasoma

    Coutinho’s replacement...

    Isco. Because that's the way I like it.