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  1. Wor Horse

    Fucking Fighting Talk on 5 live

    we are not racist, we only hate slags
  2. Wor Horse

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    retarded. I do think we'll buy De Jong for some reason. And I would buy another DM but not to replace Lucas. You always need more than one in the squad (as this season has proved).
  3. Wor Horse


    For what it's worth: Rafa's first season: 22nd January 2005 4 Everton +3 44 5 Liverpool +11 37 Kenny's first full season: 22nd January 2012 4 Chelsea 15 41 5 Arsenal 7 36 6 Newcastle 2 36 7 Liverpool 4 35 Not much between the two, both in the semi final of the league cup at this stage of the season as well. Only difference is that Kenny wasn't given a start in the Champions League to compare that. Really quite stupid comparing transfers etc and saying would he have spent this and that. It can be twisted to fuck i.e. Coates, Enrique and Bellamy cost the same as Babel or Arbeloa, Reina, Skrtel, Agger cost the same as Downing, it can be twisted to suit any agenda. When Kenny gets 5 years then you can compare him with Rafa. People seem to forget the mistakes Rafa made in that first season, losses against Palace, Southampton, Burnley etc. Replacing a star Owen (Torres) with a flop Nunez (Carroll). He also lost players to injury like Kenny has which led to Mellor getting chances. Fact is, Hicks and Gilete have fucked us over completely, they have absolutely ruined us and it'll take another big fight to get us back there. Like I said, Rafa could have signed X or Y when we had no money but that was because players wanted to play in the CL, we might have money now but it's hard graft convincing players to sign for Liverpool without european footy. Give Kenny time, he could end the season doing something Rafa failed to do in the 4 of the 6 years he was here, win a trophy. Judge him in May like you did Benitez.
  4. Wor Horse

    Darren Bent

    I think it was said we enquired but were put off by the price before any paper printed it, that's how it started anyway I think!
  5. Wor Horse

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Pretty disgusting there's about 3 instances of Carra bashing to praise Skrtel. Thick cunts.
  6. Wor Horse

    Darren Bent

    By the way, Bent wouldn't cost £24m. He signed for £18m RISING to £24m based on trophies won, international achievements etc etc. Add to that Lerner's apparent asset stripping of Villa and it's not out the picture we could get him for 12-15m. Villa fans seem to think that anyway and they'll know their owner more than people spouting 'oh we won't get him coz he's worf 24m lol' because they've just read headlines.
  7. Wor Horse

    Darren Bent

  8. Wor Horse

    This Is England '88

    All a bit pointless. Nothing happened, just recapped and finished all the storylines in '86. Woody was the only saving grace from a comedy perspective. Episode 1 was good but the other 2 were just filler.
  9. Wor Horse

    £150,000 loyalty bonus for Carroll

    I just don't understand why he's not powerful as fuck considering the size of him and watching Drogba and every lower league forward EVER. Maybe he's just not using the force
  10. Wor Horse


  11. Wor Horse

    Referee for the Mancs

    It won't be Webb. After the Babel thing last year it's practically impossible for him to ref a Liverpool United game again.
  12. Wor Horse

    FIFA 12

    How are personal complaints about a game i've played misplaced? It's my opinion.