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  1. Barzini

    Man Utd - Europa League (a)

    Get the fuck in
  2. Barzini

    Norwich 23/1/16 - Away

    Sakho has to fucking deal with that
  3. Barzini

    January Transfer Window 2016

    Looks like Sinclair is leaving in the summer so I'd be surprised if we give him many more minutes on the pitch. We really need someone in now and they have to have two working legs and two working feet that can kick footballs into a net.
  4. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    That's true, we lacked a goal scorer out there today but not one of that midfield is Liverpool quality. Who was putting themselves about? Who was driving us forward? Jordan Henderson shouldn't ever be a Liverpool captain. I sure he's a nice lad and all that but he shouldn't be leading us in the middle of the park. Lucas was our best midfielder and that's some damning indictment considering he shouldn't have been starting for us for years. I'm sick of watching us getting bullied, even if we put in the effort, we lack bollocks.
  5. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    Useless bastards. I can't stand most of our players, absolute gutless wankers.
  6. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    sick of losing to these sister fingering cunts
  7. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    Muay Thai or football?
  8. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    Can't stand looking at that Martial cunt, he reminds me of Evra the boggle eyed fuck
  9. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    Jim Beglin: "you'd just hope for fellaini's sake that his hair took some of the blow" Haha
  10. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    Lovely stuff Lucas, give that man a bonus
  11. Barzini

    Mancs (Home) Sunday 17th Jan 14:05

    Up the fucking reds
  12. Barzini

    Making A Murderer

    Was it ever explained how the victims blood came to be in the back of her car? If the prosecution case was that she was murdered in the garage and burned about 20m away, why was her blood in the car at all?
  13. Barzini

    Frank De Boer

    Mike Gordon will probably appoint himself DOF, then the pain will really begin.
  14. Barzini

    Aston Villa (h) 26/9/15

    Yep, but how often will we see it when Benteke is fit?
  15. Barzini

    Family Fortunes

    1) Sleeping Beauty 2) Godzilla 3) the tide 4) soap 5) lettuce 6) sleep 7) snail 8) lack of sleep 9) trebuchet 10) the pope 11) library 12) paper